OTITANO Brand just launched the Jumbo squishies slow rising stress relief toys.

May 22, 2018 – Today  OTITANO launches it’s “Jumbo squishies slow rising stress relief toys” on Amazon ranging from $10.00:


Is work stressing you? Alternatively, do you just need something to occupy your hands with, Jumbo squishies slow rising stress relief toys are the perfect “fidget widgets” for you, and it can be easily played with while you think of something else.

The code behind stress relief toys is to make the muscles of your hands relax and by doing so, it provides tranquility and keeps stress at bay.

Jumbo squishies slow rising stress relief toys consists of  Kawaii Soft Animal ninja and panda squishy pack of two cute colored and scented Toys for kids and adults.

It is mainly for anyone that needs to relieve a bit of stress in the easiest way possible; the product is retailed at Amazon worldwide.


Relieves tension: When you press a stress ball, the muscles in your hands and your wrists tighten up and when you release the ball, it relaxes the tendons and muscles in the area.

Stimulates your nerve: Your nerve endings are linked to your brain, pressing the stress relief toys with your palm stimulates your nerve.

Boosts your mood: Stress relief toys relieve muscular tension, secretes endorphins that reduce the cortisol levels in the blood. This helps to improve your mood as well.

Promote Concentration: They increase sensory awareness of your fingers, help reduce stress, and promote better concentration.

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