The Funding Partners launches DURIO to digitize agriculture

Phnom Penh – Cambodia – The DURIO token, the brainchild of DURIO Technologies Inc., aims to digitize agriculture assets through blockchain technology to increase transparency throughout the durian supply chain, thereby building trust and increasing value between consumers, regulators, and all other participants involved.

The token pre-sale inauguration will be held in a private event in Phnom Penh between the 24th to 27th May, among shortlisted whitelist members and selected participants. Durio Technologies has released a quote from CEO, Silvan Schär, commenting, “a significant milestone in the history of agriculture is about to be made.”

DURIO is a creation that was developed in partnership with TFP Inc., an agriculture blockchain firm with extensive experience and knowledge in the integration of blockchain technology and supply chain management within the durian industry.

DURIO is propelling the durian industry forward by building a global blockchain based immutable ledger and implementing a utility token for consumers, retailers, growers, logistics and the entire durian industry network.

DURIO has collaborated with various durian family-owned plantations and large durian firms to integrate their platform into various durian supply chains around the world since 2016, currently being involved in 5% of the global durian industry.

Unlike most tokens, DURIO has already built its underlying blockchain technology and it has been implemented in various durian supply chains, with an impressive portfolio of companies as part of its ecosystem, including Tesco, Bayon Market, Big C, and Tops.

CEO of The Funding Partners, Jim Edwards, explains, “Unlike most tokens that are merely concepts, DURIO has already been implemented in various supply chains and is looking to raise funds in anticipation of rapid global expansion. Indonesia is the world’s largest durian producers and that is where DURIO is looking to gain a strong foothold by 2019. As more participants are added to the DURIO ecosystem, the value of DURIO increases in tandem.”

DURIO is widely anticipated by many as a major disruptor as they aim to revolutionize the agriculture industry starting with durians. With many tokens achieving tens of millions of dollars in a matter of minutes upon their launch, it would be interesting to observe how well DURIO will perform during the launch of their pre-sale.

As most blockchain concepts operate on a macro-level, aiming to completely transform large-scale industries from the get-go, it is refreshing and original for a company to take a more logical step-by-step approach in achieving their colossal ambition of digitizing the world’s agricultural assets, starting with the durian industry. 

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