SPEK Token, the limited supply ERC20 token with a unique staking program launches their ICO

SPEK token is the brand-new entry into the cryptocurrency world that has announced the launch of their official ICO to offer 3 million tokens at a rate of 1 SPEK=$0.05 USD. SPEK is an ERC20 type token that offers the Long Hold Reward program that allows the users to earn more, by holding the tokens for a long time.

The Long hold reward system can be explained with the help of an example. If 1500 users sign up and buy tokens with each of them staking at 0.3% but 100 investors withdraw, the percentage will go up to giving investors who hold the token longer at a higher percentage. This would mean that more the investors leave, the higher will be the percentage for the long holders. It will continue till the last of the 3 million holding tokens are given out.

A team of expert professionals from around the world has come together to create the SPEK Token with an aim to overcome the shortcomings of the failed ICOs to develop a token that would do well at the exchange. While there are a number of tokens emerging in the cryptomarket, based on the lending system that invites the investors and hope that the coin price would increase in value, Kevin Kolesky, the founder of SPEK Token decided to do something different and came up with the idea to create the SPEK Token.

Kevin along with his team members researched thoroughly into the cryptomarket before finally developing the SPEK Token, with limited supply into the market. The funds raised from the ICO will be used to fast pace the listing of the SPEK token onto various exchanges like HitBTC, Upcoming and Coinexchange among others as well as for marketing, development, handling legal aspects and security & transaction fees for the platform.

The investors in SPEK Token will also have access to the Specular app for life. This app enables the users to access token dash stats, withdraw tokens, set Buy and Sell limits, get buyback alerts as well as stay updated with all the news & announcement related to the token.

The team of SPEK tokens has also kept 1, 938, 888 ‘Frozen’ tokens aside which will be released during the airdrop to SPEK and the investors. The investors will need to have at least 500 tokens for Airdrop 1 and 1000 tokens for Airdrop 2, in their account.

More information about the SPEK Token can be found at spektoken.com

In case of any queries, drop a message to info@spektoken.com.

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