SmithShaper is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Sporting Goods Stores Nationwide.

“Twenty-five full body muscle building, toning and shaping exercises can be performed on the SmithShaper Ab & Squat Roller Multi-purpose Exerciser including three different perfect posture rolling wall squats.”
The SmithShaper Ab & Squat Roller Multi-purpose Exerciser is a portable workout device for full body muscle building and shaping. What’s truly special is this is the world’s first wearable exerciser for performing perfect posture rolling wall squats. The SmithShaper exerciser is also used for a variety of floor exercises to enhance ones core and strengthen muscle groups including legs, abdominals, obliques, back, chest, shoulders, and arms. In all, the device handles over twenty-five exercises.

SmithShaper LLC, a Georgia based company with offices in Grayson, Georgia and Hermosa Beach, California, announces today a collaboration with Mr. Checkout in order to expand the reach of the SmithShaper® Ab & Squat Roller Multi-purpose Exerciser. The SmithShaper exerciser, enables beginning to advanced users to perform more than twenty-five exercises for full body muscle toning, shaping and strengthening. The compact and portable device is manufactured and assembled in the USA and has been sold online since its initial production in mid 2016.

SmithShaper LLC has received excellent customer reviews on the product which help to explain seven consecutive quarters of sales growth. In fact, the company noted a 134% sales increase in 1T18 over 1T17. Working with Mr. Checkout, SmithShaper LLC expects to further drive sales by making the SmithShaper Exerciser more quickly available to in-store shoppers across the country.  

SmithShaper LLC is also excited to formerly announce United States patent approval (April, 2018) for their unique solution which is already helping to revolutionize the home fitness market. The SmithShaper® Ab & Squat Roller Multi-purpose Exerciser, is a small footprint fitness solution that takes usefulness and convenience to a higher level than competitive devices in the fitness category of abdominal, core and leg strengthening. The SmithShaper Exerciser is designed for home fitness, fitness centers, and physical therapy environments. People without gym memberships or who find that they cannot make it to the gym, can use the SmithShaper exerciser and enjoy the convenience of a full body workout at home without investing in bulky gym equipment. This is the primary market for the SmithShaper exerciser.

A product of many years of fitness training and two years of product design and development, the SmithShaper Ab & Squat Roller Multi-purpose exerciser provides users of all ages and levels an easy way to tone and shape a variety of muscle groups. The reason this small but mighty solution is making a difference in the home fitness market is because one of its keys is a nontraditional approach to performing full range squats. Squats are critical in a fitness routine for strengthening multiple leg muscles as well as ones glutes. The SmithShaper exerciser’s design helps align the body into the correct squat form, redefining the meaning of “the perfect squat.” The three different SmithShaper squat exercises all help to ensure proper back angle which in turn, reduces the amount of stress placed on the spine when compared to performing stand alone squats or squats using bulky equipment. As the world’s only wearable device for perfect posture squats that’s also a floor exerciser for abdominal roll-outs and much more, the SmithShaper is distinct from any fitness device on the market today.

Founder and CEO of SmithShaper LLC, Marcus Smith, knows well the challenges of trying to do squats at home in areas of limited space and in a way that will reduce the risk of injury to the back and knees. “The SmithShaper is a truly special portable fitness device,” says Marcus. “It wasn’t long after I created the device to help target my legs, that I knew the solution would benefit others. Our customer feedback is clear, the SmithShaper is making a real and positive difference for people.”

The SmithShaper is a multi-purpose portable fitness device that can also be used for floor exercises. “Floor exercises with the SmithShaper enable additional lower body strengthening while also helping to fortify abs, core, obliques, chest, arms, and shoulders,” says SmithShaper LLC President, Louis Morales. Louis, partnered with Marcus in 2015 to launch SmithShaper LLC and has since worked to continuously perfect the SmithShaper exerciser design and broaden the number of exercises that can be performed on the device. According to Louis, “the SmithShaper is not only an amazing device for shaping legs and glutes via perfect posture squats, it’s also an incredible workout solution for performing abdominal roll-outs, core crushers, walking planks, hamstring curls, ice skaters, mountain climbers, lunges, chest fly’s, spider man push ups, and more.” The SmithShaper exercise poster that’s included in each SmithShaper Exerciser package provides targeted muscle groups, illustrations and exercises for all twenty-five SmithShaper exercises. “The SmithShaper exerciser provides our customers with true exercise freedom because if you feel like getting in a full workout out at home, at work or outdoors, the SmithShaper is right there, in your backpack,” says Louis.

Louis, who battles an arthritic knee, uses his SmithShaper exerciser regularly to keep his quadriceps, hamstrings and shoulders strong in order to continue to play and coach the sport of beach volleyball.

The SmithShaper team encourages readers of this press release to tryout a SmithShaper at their local gym. Then, purchase one of their own to experience exercise freedom and never miss a workout. “If by chance your gym doesn’t have a SmithShaper Exerciser, please let the manager know at once,” stated Marcus with a nod and a smile.

About Marcus Smith 

Marcus Smith is a former competitive bodybuilder / personal fitness trainer and fitness enthusiast who has effectively helped many people with their fitness training. His passion for alternative ways to perform exercises led to the development of the SmithShaper Exerciser. Marcus also provides advice on proper nutrition and frequently shares insights on @smithshaper social media sites including Facebook and Instagram. 

About Louis Morales

Louis Morales became acquainted with Marcus Smith after he conducted an extensive search for a safe way to perform squats in a way that allows for a build up of quadriceps and hamstring muscles without causing undue stress to the knees or lower back. Together they formed SmithShaper LLC. Louis, who was intimately involved with the U.S. patent process for the SmithShaper multi-purpose exerciser, is a co-inventor in association with six United States telecom patents. Louis also brings over 20 years of product development and marketing experience to the SmithShaper team. Like Marcus, Louis is also an athlete. Louis is an active sand volleyball player and competes 3-4 days per week near his residence in Hermosa Beach, CA. 

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