Jerry Cline’s Poignant Story of Adoption

Dr. Jerry K. Cline, a Ph.D. Rocket Scientist, writes about finding his biological roots.

Chesterfield, MO – May 22, 2018 – In this emotional book, adoptee Jerry K. Cline tells the amazing story of how he identified his birth parents.  The book, “Born and Raised: An American Story of Adoption” is now available at

The book has two parts.  Part I reveals the enthralling story of Jerry’s painstaking efforts to find the truth about how he came to be.  Among the surprising results: his birthfather turned out to be a legendary lawman of America’s Old West!  Part II of the book is an account of his colorful adoptive parent’s lives during the oil boom days of the 1930s and 1940s in East Texas and Southern Illinois.  The book is an amusing and often hilarious ode to the author’s four parents and the wonderful possibilities of adoption.

Jerry Cline started his journey to discovering his biological history at age 61 with the help of a genealogist friend, his wife Phyllis, and a cooperative adoption agency.  The successful search culminated with touching face to face meetings with blood relatives. The story of his search, and the results he found, were so fascinating that he was urged to write about them.  This book is the result.

In “Born and Raised”, the author shares the details about his odyssey and crafts a spellbinding narrative about the history of his parent’s (adoptive and biological) respective families and ties their stories together with significant events and personalities from America’s past.

In a way, this book represents the third of a trilogy.  In 1948 Cline’s birthfather penned a lively book about his early life and his exploits as an Old West lawman entitled “Mean as Hell – the Life of a New Mexico Lawman”.  His birthfather’s sister also wrote a fascinating book called “Surviving on the Texas Frontier” written in 1901 but not published until 1996.  These two books provide first person accounts of frontier life among the Comanche Indians in the mid-19th century and provided background information for Cline’s book “Born and Raised: An American Story of Adoption.”

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About the Author

Jerry Cline epitomizes successful adoptions. He was adopted in 1939 at age three months by a dynamic couple from East Texas.  Both his adoptive parents were raised in Oklahoma’s Indian Territory before it became a state, and neither had much formal education.  Despite that, the author went on to complete his Ph. D. (Mathematics) from Purdue University.

Jerry joined McDonnell Douglas Corporation (now the Boeing Company) directly out of school in 1967.  During the early part of his career, Dr. Cline was assigned to various space and missile projects, including the Galileo Mission to Jupiter, the Viking Mission to Mars and the Tomahawk Cruise Missile.   As a highlight, he was part of the team which worked with NASA to develop the final design of the Space Shuttle. He retired from Boeing in 1996 as head of the Operations Analysis Department.  In academia, Jerry held an appointment as Adjunct Mathematics Lecturer in the evening division of Washington University in St. Louis for 37 years.   He has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals.

The author has two successful sons and charming daughters-in-law, with four lively granddaughters. Aside from writing, Jerry enjoys golf, pocket billiards, and duplicate bridge.  He lives in Saint Louis, Missouri (USA) with Phyllis.

Personal or favorite quote:  “Treasure your mistakes. They are the channel markers to success on the river of life.”  (Jerry K. Cline)

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