Silatech Signs Strategic Partnership Agreements with International and Regional Organizations

Strategic partnerships and operational plans to achieve Silatech’s commitment to secure 2 million jobs by end of 2020. Empowering urban, peri-urban and rural women and girls in the most vulnerable situations including with disabilities, survivors of GBV, living in Refugee and IDP camps in Sudan and actively engage them in the promotion of social cohesion. Unifying efforts with Somalis youth to promote food security and smart agricultural practices.

Doha – 23 May, 2018 – Securing employment opportunities for young people remains one of the greatest economic and social challenges facing countries in the region with the highest rates of unemployment. However, youth themselves, their aspirations, their roles and capacities, also represent unique opportunities, if invested in, to promote security, stability and progress for the Arab world. 

In spite of the current conflicts in the region there remains a unified desire to enable young people to effectively address the consequences of these crises. Through protecting youth from social alienation and helping them play a key role in the rebuilding and development of their societies, great progress can be achieved and long-term stability re-instated.  A vital component to achieving this is the promotion of women’s fundamental role alongside men. This requires a unified and studied effort between countries and their various sectors.

In pursuance of achieving its vision of an Arab world in which young people are able to work and are engaged in the economic development of their societies, Silatech continues to coordinate efforts among donors, governments, implementing organizations and local partners. The international social organization works to direct them towards launching innovative initiatives that link youth to economic opportunities and jobs. In doing so the next generation are given the chance to achieve their potential and aspirations. 

In order to have maximum impact, the design of these programs varies according to the different nature and conditions of the societies in which they operate. To this end, the most recently launched initiatives were designed in coordination with the strategies of governments and the programs of international organizations to combat terrorism, food security, the engagement of young people in decision-making, peace and security and the empowerment of women in different sectors.

The three most recent agreements were signed to help address these critical elements and seek to accelerate the progress made by the organization, especially towards addressing unemployment in the Arab world by helping to create two million jobs for young people by the end of 2020. 

Ms. Sabah Al Haidoos, Chief Executive Officer of Silatech commented: “In 2017, Silatech has sought to activate the youth agenda at a global level through international memberships, cooperation with governments and non-governmental organizations and the expansion of its regional and international network of partners. Silatech has also designed its 2018 operational plan towards the sustainability of the organization and its youth-oriented programs. The organization will continue to launch innovative initiatives that empower youth to advance their communities in line with sustainable development goals, and the strategies of their respective governments. All this will play a vital role in achieving our Founder’s vision of “an Arab world in which young people are able to work, and are engaged in the economic development of their societies.”

About Silatech 

Established in 2008, Silatech is an International social development nonprofit non-government organization, that works on connecting Arab Youth wherever they are to jobs, and enable resources for them to establish and sustain successful income-generating enterprises. By 2017, Silatech has succeeded in creating / sustaining more than 650,522 job opportunities for Arab youth, and has signed commitments to create two million jobs by 2020.

Silatech currently has programs in 17 Arab and non-Arab countries, including Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Morocco, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen, Comoros and Turkey.

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