Logic Inbound Interviews BAMF Media Co-Founders

“About a year ago, I started doing the PR-hacking service for some of my side clients, and one of them was a musician, and wanted to get a million plays on her song on SoundCloud. It was actually a pretty good song, but without much marketing dollars or anything, how were we gonna get a million plays?”
“So, I thought, ‘what is the most viral thing on the internet?’, and at the time, the most viral thing on the Internet was Trump, and the other most viral thing on the Internet…

Startups, even the ones with great ideas, can often struggle to gain traction due to ineffective marketing efforts. Most of the times the marketing methods being used are not tailored to the business’s audiences or the startup simply does not have the budget required for any meaningful results.

That’s where ‘growth hacking’ comes in, which is all about marketing a business using untraditional tactics. BAMF Media is one of the leading ‘growth hacking’ agencies out there, and Logic Inbound recently invited BAMF co-founders Josh Fechter and Houston Golden for an interview on the Logic Inbound podcast.

Logic Inbound recently hosted a podcast with growth hacking agency BAMF Media co-founders Josh Fechter and Houston Golden. The growth hacking podcast focused on the ideas behind this unconventional mode of marketing, and the BAMF agency itself.

Josh Fechter, a writer, runs an 18000-member Facebook group and has always been deeply interested in the concept of growth hacking. His routine blog posts on the different tactics used in growth hacking made him a trusted name in the field. And it is through the Facebook group that he met Houston Golden, a passionate growth hacker himself.

The two met up and discussed their talents related to growth marketing, and the unique abilities both had to offer. Choosing co-founders is often tricky, but Josh and Houston realized that they could be a great match. The two also discovered a shared interest in growth hacking Google Chrome extensions, something that is very rare indeed. That’s how the idea of a dedicated growth agency came up and the duo decided to name their agency BAMF Media (BAMF is an acronym for Badass Marketers and Founders).

The BAMF agency has focused on delivering high ROI marketing efforts that stand out and make it different to other marketing agencies that rely on traditional outreach methods. The agency employs a variety of unconventional methods, one of which even involves growth hacking LinkedIn.

When asked about how the agency got around to hiring a high-performance team, Josh replied that the agency looks for people who are self-driven in coming up with solutions to problems. The agency isn’t looking for employees who rely on other team members to finish tasks. If the employee faces a challenge, they should be able to work their way around that challenge and come up with a feasible solution. That, Josh says, is how the agency is able to deliver consistent results to its clients.

Impressed by the community-first approach to building an agency, many companies have approached the BAMF team to build a community for them. Josh however says that it’s an organic process that must be orchestrated by the leader of the company. A community cannot be built without passion, he emphasizes. That is why it’s important that it’s the leader of a company that’s at the forefront of say, a Facebook group, posting content that provides real value to the members of the community.

The agency has also worked with eCommerce clients, and Houston has a deep fondness for the eCommerce industry. eCommerce companies are in a better position of capitalizing data for increased revenue, and that’s what Houston finds so interesting about it. Josh Fechter is also quite well-versed in the challenges most online merchants face, such as optimization of the sales funnel.

Houston and Josh have also dabbled in ICOs, but have had mixed results with them. The problem with most ICOs is that the product behind is simply not good enough, and Houston prefers to now only work with ICOs that show real promise.

The full transcript of the growth hacking podcast is available on the Logic Inbound blog.

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