Continuing to be in the display technology forefront, Visionox has made a splendid demonstration at the SID 2018-Display Week

An OLED display industry leader in China, Visionox brings its technology-oriented flexible AMOLED display products at the SID 2018-Display Week, from May 22th to 24th, held in Los Angeles, US.


At the SID 2018-Display Week, in line with the flexible display technology trend and the end-user’s needs on new and intelligent products, Visionox, for the first time, announced “foldable AMOLED display All-in-One product” and “Flexible AMOLED solution for automotive interior display”.  The All-in-one flexible and foldable AMOLED display has a display size of 7.2” when unfolded, is able to achieve a 1.6mm folding radius when folded, a technology record by far. On the other hand, this new “Flexible AMOLED display for automotive application concept” is proved to meet both image and video display quality when being bended, and to provide a better user-experience with the integration of a novel touch-display interactive technology.

At the exhibit, Visionox also set up a special zone, “Collaboration and Innovation”, showcasing the cutting-edge display-related products, and or functional components, through the technology collaboration and innovation. These demo samples include Touch and Display Driver IC (TDDI), Thermally-Activated Sensitized Fluorescence (TASF), Transparent display, Ultra-thin display, Under-Display Fingerprint sensor. In addition, Visionox demonstrates flexible AMOLED display application concepts, such as, Smart cup, Smart speaker, e-Book for a better human-machine interaction, in the era of “Ubiquitous Screen”. 

Up to now, Visionox AMOLED display products have encompassed in the fields of smartphone, smart home-appliance, smart-wearable, automotive display, and AR/VR, etc. These novel display application accomplishments not only validate Visionox technology strength, but also promote and establish a healthy display industry eco-system.

As a player in the global OLED industry, Visionox  has its profilic 22-year OLED history since 1996, largely due to its R&D innovation and manufacturing yield improvement. In 2008, Visionox set up a first PMOLED MP line in the mainland China, and has become the No. 1 PMOLED unit-shipment share in the world since 2012. In 2014, Visionox completed its first Gen 5.5 AMOLED MP line, by 2017, Visionox was the No. 1 AMOLED area-output among mainland China’s OLED panel makers, and has started to have the flexible AMOLED volume-production. In order to meet the large-volume flexible AMOLED product demands, Visionox successfully completed its another MP line, Gen 6 on May 17th of this month.

Continuously driven by display technology innovation led by panel makers and OEMs, it is expected to have another major change in the display industry in the near future. Unlike in the era of CRT and LCD, this coming change will promote collaboration and partnership throughout the entire display industry supply-chain, among upstream material suppliers and equipment vendors, panel makers, and downstream OEM and endusers. While Visionox is expanding and growing, it will also play a pivotal role in technology innovation and product application in the display industry.

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