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“Welcome to the New Generation of Medical Identification”
EndlessID designs, manufactures, and market high quality and stylish wearable ID products and cloud-based software. Our stylish wearable ID band and wallet card uses NFC technology to give first responders your identity, medical conditions, and emergency contacts when you can’t speak or act for yourself. EndlessID is a fashionable, while highly functional, alternative to the traditional medical bracelets used by the elderly and people with pre-existing medical conditions.

So, you are on an exhilarating hike on a beautiful sunny day, and you fall off a cliff. It was a lapse of judgment; you walked too close to the edge and slid 20 feet down the side of a mountain. You get lucky and a group of hikers finds you unconscious on the trail, but when you get to the hospital doctors want to give you medicine you’re allergic to. Have you thought about what you could do? Gustavo Rubacha has, and his new product EndlessID could save your life.

With a background in software engineering and consumer product development, Rubacha was inspired by his own medical emergency and the emergence of wearables and portable data storage. He believes the technology could be applied to more practical and lifesaving situations. 

“With today’s technology, you can get all kinds of frivolous information with just a few finger swipes, but it’s not always easy to get to the data that we actually need at any given time,” Rubacha said. “In an emergency situation, you don’t have any time to spare, and that’s why I created EndlessID.”

EndlessID acts as a digital ‘key’ to instantly access your medical information and emergency contact, available in a bracelet or an electronic card that can fit in a wallet. While other products give access to a patient’s medical history through cumbersome website logins – wasting precious time – EndlessID delivers critical information to first responders with just the tap of a mobile device using the same near-field communication technology (NFC) as tap-and-go services like Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

EndlessID is a fashionable, while highly functional, alternative to the traditional medical bracelets used by the elderly and people with pre-existing medical conditions. 

In its sleek and durable design, Rubacha packed in features to entice customers outside of this traditional market. Along with being easier to update than an engraved bracelet, EndlessID also alerts emergency contacts the moment the device is activated. When someone with EndlessID is taken to the hospital and their bracelet or card is read, their contacts receive a geolocation by email and text message, as well as a phone call notification, enabling them to respond immediately.

The bracelet is part of the first wave of wearables to use NFC, and one of only a handful that utilizes the technology for something other than credit card payments. Because NFC comes standard on new generation cell phones, most first responders will have the tech necessary to access EndlessID on hand. (*Apple devices require EndlessID App download. IPhones need to be 7 or newer generation devices and must be IOS 11 or above to install EndlessID app.) 

EndlessID is HIPPA compliant and when not in use, all the information contained is encrypted and safely secured online, and does not share information with third parties.“

Anyone can suffer an accident regardless of their age or medical condition,” said Rubacha. “Having an EndlessID gives people the peace of mind to know that no matter where they are or what they are doing, if something happens, the right information will get to the right people immediately and their loved ones will be notified instantly.”

The stylish device not only keeps you and your loved ones safe, it also helps our brothers and sisters across our globe. A portion of every EndlessID purchase is donated to organizations that support human services.

Product features include: Easy three step online activation process, an online profile that can be updated as often as the user would like and can include details such as a profile photo, special needs, medical conditions, medications, allergies and medical insurance information. Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, simple tap access, unique id and pin number engraved in the back for web access, an instant alert system upon access, notification via email, text and phone call, geo-location notification, battery-free and water resistant. The bands come in black and white with or without Swarovski crystals.

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