May 23, 2018 – Nia Barnes, certified professional life coach and fast rising author will have her book ‘DEFENSES: GETTING OUT OF EMOTIONAL PRISON’ available on Amazon on Thursday, May 24th, 2018. The book has Nia sharing her insights with her readers on what she has learnt throughout her career as a clinician and her own life lessons.

The author, who is a therapist and licensed behavioral specialist explains in her book how un-mourned and unexpressed hurts or events from people’s pasts can block people’s abilities to be emotionally free. The book expatiates on how humans’ defense mechanisms serve to impede a natural healing process.

Nia, who holds a MS in Mental Health Counseling and a BA in Psychology is able to include in her book, how to discover things that get in the way of recognizing and overcoming obstacles that can create misery. In her past two decades, Nia has had therapeutic breakthroughs from her clients, friends, family and even herself and in her journey, it has been discovered that living in truth allows the healing process to begin. In her expertise, she has been able to help others navigate through life’s difficulties to find their truth and begin to love themselves.

“You cannot grow if you are always on defense”. The theme of the book is not to allow defense mechanisms to be the only way to cope. Nia strives to make her readers understand that addressing the hurt the moment when it comes leaves them better equipped for the future. She feels it is unnecessary to live in an emotional prison.

About Antania “Nia” Barnes

Nia is a compassionate and ambitious woman who was recognized by her colleagues for her dedication. She was subsequently recognized in 2011-2012, by the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) for her continued dedication to the helping profession. She has outstanding leadership capabilities. She believes that God’s calling on her life is to empower people to live emotionally healthy lives and encourage self-love.

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