“Each box of Scented Drawer Liners contains 6 non-adhesive Sheets (Size 16.5 x 22 inch).”
When choosing a Scented Drawer Liner for your Dresser or Linen Closet you’ll want the experience of a wonderful lasting scent that keeps your clothes and linens smelling fresh. You’ll love pulling your clothes out of the Dresser each day with Scentennials Products Scented Liners. Manufactured in the USA using premium fragrances, quality prints and heavy weighted paper, Scentennials has the largest selection of Scented Drawer Liners in the world!

In 1987, Andrew & Neira Gordon while back-packing in Asia stopped in a Gift Shop in Taipei looking for a house gift for family. They came upon scented paper that was made in China. Although the quality and design along with the fragrance was not great, they liked the product, and decided to take some home to study. They were both seeking a new entrepreneurial venture. 

With the samples in hand, they set out to do market research in California. They traveled around Southern California talking to Gift and Linen Shop owners about the viability of Scented Drawer Liners. After 6 months of research they decided they could make the product here in the US and the market would support such a product – given the fact that every household would be a potential customer and it would make a great gift item for any occasion.

In 1989 the product was launched at the California Gift Show in Los Angeles with 6 Scented Drawer Liners. These 6 Liners became part of the Original Series Collection which remains Scentennials Best Selling Series. The show was a success and they landed Gift Stores across the USA.

Today by featuring over 40 fragrances and 20 prints for our Scented Drawer Liners and Linen Spray and a global marketplace that includes North America, South America, Europe and Asia, Scentennials has grown to become a leading brand for fragranced products in the Home Décor marketplace. 

We continue to innovate and regularly bring exciting aromas to market along with new graphic designs for our Scented Drawer Liners.

With the market for Scented Drawer Liners and Linen Spray stronger than ever, our product focus is always on the quality of our fragrances, premium heavy weighed paper, clear high-resolution prints together with beautiful packaging. 

Our Collections:

Original Series – Available in Caribbean Ice, French Riviera, Heritage Rose, Island Gardenia, Lavender, Mountain Breeze, Plumeria, Sea Fresh, Vanilla Pearl and White Ginger. Our Best Selling Collection. Compatible with any kind of décor, this lovely soft and floral design is a welcome addition to any Drawer or Closet.

Vintage Toile Series – Available in Plumeria, White Ginger or Gardenia. Toile design fragranced with our unique floral blended Perfume Oil.

Premium Series  A collection of prints and fragrances to suite all tastes – traditional, vintage or contemporary.

Baby Series – Our Baby Scented Drawer Liners are a joy to look at! The sweetly designed Nursery Baby Prints are touched with a lovely Baby Powder Fragrance. A unique gift for any new arrival occasion.

Linen Splash (32oz) – Available in Lavender, White Ginger, Green Tea & Lemon, Jasmine, Plumeria, Rose. Freshen up your fine linens, pillows, towels with these delicate fragrances.

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