Rossella Bergo’s Film Wins Best Film in Jakarta International Humanitarian and Culture Awards

“Florindo and Carlotta – The secret life of snails” directed by Rossella Bergo, a female filmmaker from Italy, won Best Film at the Jakarta International Humanitarian and Culture Awards (JIHCA). Kings and queens of Nusantara attended the Awards Ceremony in Indonesia and celebrated the honor together with the Italian beauty.

“Florindo and Carlotta – The secret life of snails” is the second film directed by Rossella. The film tells the story of Florindo and Carlotta. Florindo is a disabled poet and Carlotta is a prostitute. Their meeting change both their lives. The film stars Cristiano Neri as Florindo and Rossella Bergo as Carlotta. It was filmed in several different locations such as Park of Po Delta, in Veneto and Emilia Romagna. “I tell the unexpected adventure of two people, a boy, and a girl; each was different in their way and with their difficulties. They meet by chance, become friends and find a common goal to fight for. Two protagonists “different” allies against marginalization, which will succeed in realizing a universal dream beyond any prejudice and imagination.”

One of the film’s uniqueness is that the film is a silent film. Rossella explained that the Clown Therapy she received when doing the humanitarian mission to make children laugh without speaking has taught her the silent language. This method has become a language she truly understands until this moment.

Best Film from Jakarta International Humanitarian and Culture Awards marked a milestone for the short film that has just finished in January 2018. “It’s an honor for me to win the Best Film Award. This means that the message of my short has been understood; that the meanings, which is the base of the film, has come to people’s heart and it is the reason I make the film. So I feel very happy because it is a great pleasure when your artistic creativity is appreciated.”

Besides being the director, Rossella also took the chair as the screenwriter, with Nicoletta Canazza, and the lead actress. “It was challenging to be the director and the lead actress. It was a bet to be able to carry out the project and at the end, feel happy with the result, even if I know that the short could be improved. When you do both, you have to do everything: from choosing shots to give the right references to the actors, to preparing your character to revise the script if necessary. All this was possible because I had a very good assistant director, Giampolo Manara, who was able to understand my overall vision of the short. He has great skills and great talent. And so, I thank him that I could do both, the lead actress and the director.”

The message of the film is not only for entertainment, but it also has a deeper meaning. “For people to know that people with disabilities could do things as what normal people did is the purpose of this film,” said Rossella. “I wanted to give a message of hope to help those disabled people to leave their homes, not to hide, and believe in what we can do anyway,” added Cristiano Neri.

Jakarta International Humanitarian and Culture Awards is an international film festival. The festival serves not only to filmmakers but also for the betterment of the humanity. “I was very fascinated by the ceremony because I had never been in an Oriental festival before. Jakarta International Humanitarian and Culture Awards Festival is organized by people with a big heart and you can see this attitude in everything they do (especially in the relationship with people and with the participants). It was a big honor for me to meet Kings and Queens of Indonesia. They were so kind to me. In the end, I can say that it was, for me, a wonderful experience with wonderful people in a wonderful place,” she closed the interview with a big smile.

The Kings and Queens who attended the event are the King of Amarta Bumi: Sri Anglung Prabu Punta Djajanagara Cakrabumi Girinata, King and Queen of Tallo, Makassar: Haji Andi Abdul Rauf Maro Daeng Marewa and Doktoranda Fatma Irwan, Sultan Indra Osman form the kingdom of Indrapura, Sumatera Barat, Prince of Indrapura: Ir. KPH Randi Indra Syahdan, King and Queen of Matano Luwu Timur, Sulawesi: H. Umar Ranggo and Zeni Ranggo, Saiful Daeng Marewa, King and Queen of Puri Pemecutan, Bali: Anak Agung Ngurah Putra Darma Nuraga and I Gusti Ayu Rai, and King of Puri Peguyangan: Anak Agung Ngurah Nitya Santhiarsa.

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