FIRST smartphone for dogs raising a storm on Kickstarter – clinches 107% in just 24 days

Moxie, the first smartphone for dogs, is garnering immense support on Kickstarter and has already raised 107% of its crowdfunding goal in less than 25 days.

May 23, 2018 – The contemporary startup ecosystem is marred with cut-throat completion where only the most innovative and pragmatic ideas manage to attract crowd support. A new Kickstarter campaign speaks of such a groundbreaking concept which has successfully wooed its audience and has effectively fetched more than 100% crowdfunding and that too days before its final date on the leading crowdfunding site.

We are talking about Moxie here, the brainchild of two Irvine-based pet lover techies, Dr. Tony Beizaee and Evan Jafa. The FIRST of its kind, Moxie represents a dedicated smartphone for dogs which is backed by a patented technology and superior camera for easy live video calls between the pet and the pet owner anytime.  

Moxie’s Kickstarter campaign was scheduled to raise $15,613 within June 24, 2018 but the campaign has already raised 107% in less than 25 days! At present, the campaign is bustling with a $16,527 funding and with 33 more days to go, the sum is most likely to reach further heights.

“It feels amazing to see Moxie garnering so much support on Kickstarter. Your generous help has helped us to reach and exceed our goal in less than a month and we are extremely grateful to all our supporters on this prestigious crowdfunding platform. We are looking forward to utilize the funding to transform Moxie from prototype to a concrete product that can be used in real life by pet lovers and their furry friends all over the world. Moxie beckons a revolution and with your powerful backing, you have all become a part of it”, stated Dr. Tony Beizaee while asked to speak a few lines about the Moxie’s outstanding success on Kickstarter.

The revolutionary smartphone for dogs is powered by a set of exclusive features:

  1. Patented Call to Bark technology – Pet-owner users can set call time, length & frequency parameters on Moxie and this patented technology will allow a dog to make call on owner’s cell phone based on those parameters. Upon receiving the call, the owner will be able to see what his dog is doing in real time. 
  1. 2-way communication – Moxie comes with an in-built speaker to facilitate both-way communication between the dog and his owner. This way, you will be able to see what your furry friend is doing in real time and similarly your presence & voice over the phone will assure the dog does not feel lonely even when you are physically away from him. 
  1. Image-stabilized Fixed Focus HD Camera – Backed by a cutting-edge 30 fps HD camera, Moxie will enable the dog owner to view the dog’s life from the latter’s perspective. The smartphone promises high-resolution video calls that will keep both the pet and his owner closer.  
  1. Software app for social media upload – Moxie will also allow you to upload video clips of live phone calls with pets on all popular social media channels.

Dr. Beizaee and Evan Jafa are a part of a new type of venture capital firm by the name of IOC Ventures in the capacity of Venture Partner and Managing Partner respectively. IOC Ventures is committed to support the earliest stage founders and their teams and is looking forward to take Moxie to the world. 

“IOC Ventures is backed by sizable funding platform to make Moxie a global phenomenon. This Kickstarter campaign is launched to gauge the product fit and market fit potential of Moxie and especially to measure the excitement of early adaptors”, explained Evan Jafa, President, Cloudify Inc. and Managing Partner of IOC Ventures. 

Speaking further, Dr. Beizaee revealed IOC Ventures is soon to introduce two more products to the Kickstarter community in 2018 to understand the market fit and product fit.

“We are thankful to all our backers for their unconditional support and we promise to work towards ensuring high productive output and excellent validation- while staying true to high morale and ethical business practice. We are always eager to proactively take part in innovation and creativity for greater good”, added in Dr. Tony Beizaee, Venture Partner of IOC Ventures.

Backers of the Kickstarter campaign will be rewarded with Moxie smartphone at discounted rate, Moxie harness, Moxie limited edition t-shirts and so on.

To show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter.

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