Deals and Promotional Codes boost online shopping trends in millennials

Deals and promo codes are fast becoming a key factor in increasing online shopping habits in millennials. Super Saver Mama is a rising coupon site that offers a wide array of discount codes from top brands in both USA & Canada.

NY – May 23, 2018 – 8 in 10 millennials count on coupon codes while shopping online. According to this article, around 1/3rd of them look for coupons “very often” while shopping. 

Online shopping is fast becoming the order of the day for millennials and deals and promo codes are driving the trend to rocket heights with each passing month. Here are some important stats: 

  • 57% shoppers are motivated to make a first-time purchase if there is a coupon
  • 62% millennial consumers invest more than one hour per week on web world in search of promo codes or coupons
  • 60% of online shoppers would prefer a promotion or incentive from a brand while making a purchase
  • 70% of online shoppers have admitted coupon codes or discounts are a key influencer in their holiday shopping decisions
  • 2/3rd millennial online shoppers feel a coupon code may close the deal if they are having a dilemma while making a purchase 

Millennials are smart shoppers. They have witnessed the horrors of recession and are extremely cautious about savings. It’s not that they are unreasonably frugal but rather more of a sensible shopper who don’t want to shell out unnecessarily. They want the best value with shopping without burning their pocket. According to experts, most of the young savvy shoppers today will prefer a coupon code especially while buying from an unknown brand. 

A study on latest shopping habits of millennial shoppers has revealed most of them, say 95%, are sensitive to price when it comes to online shopping. In fact, the “price” quotient is deemed as the greatest influencer in  their buying decisions over other important factors like quality, store, brand and availability. 

A fair share of brands are already offering increasing numbers of coupons and promo codes to attract a growing number of millennial shoppers today. The web world is also bustling with a bunch of dedicated coupon sites that offer the coupon codes and discounts from various brands out there in one place for the convenience of shoppers. 

Super Saver Mama is a rising coupon code site which extends variety of new coupon codes and promo codes from a wide host of brands in the USA and Canada for the benefit of shoppers in both the counties. 

However, Supersavermama is not your regular coupon site. What’s unique about the site is that it not only lists down coupon codes and promo codes from different brands – but also offers concise description on each of the brand it lists to help shoppers with a more informed purchase decision. 

Super Saver Mama offers discounts from top brands and retail stores in every category. Fashionistas can try out The best deals of Hudson Bay while looking for latest fashion clothing at discounted rates while flyers can check out promo codes on different flights through Flighthub Promo code on Super Saver Mama. Book lovers will also find Indigo Coupon to look slashed rates on the new launches by their favorite authors and geeks can tap into Newegg Promo Code for discounted electronic goodies.

Super Saver Mama also hosts promo codes from top restaurants, beauty care and entertainment brands. 

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