Conversions Grow with Proper PPC Management and Initial Set Up

AdWords for Pay Per Click isn’t easy to understand. Google may have created the perfect program for pay per click management, but for the average person it can be frustrating and overwhelming. In the meantime, you’re spending money and not getting much results.

It’s important that you have PPC management from people that know the application inside and out. There’s no time for a learning curve because it costs you money every day. If you want conversions fast and don’t want to wait for SEO to kick in, then PPC is the right choice.

How Does PPC Work?

If you’ve searched for an item on Google, you’ve seen PPC ads. They’re located both above and below the search results. You want your ad to be there, so people click on it before they even see the search results. There are five areas where Google uses ads: search, mobile, video, shopping and display. Each one has pros and cons based on your business and conversion goals. Shopping and search are two of the most popular types that businesses use.

AdWords works like an auction, where you bid on various keywords. The bid added to your quality score determines where the ad shows up in a search. The quality score is a set of metrics that decides how good your ads are. If you have a high score, then the bids can be lower, but naturally the opposite is also true.

This is a very general explanation of the intricacies of a PPC campaign. There are a million nuances from negative matching to the types of bidding you want to use. Do you want cost per click or cost per thousand impressions? If you want to have a campaign that maximizes your conversions without costing you an arm and a leg, then DCM’s PPC management is the best choice.

Beyond the Initial Setup

Creating a campaign is only the first step in developing a successful PPC campaign. Once your ads go out, you’ll want to keep the ones that perform well and remove the ones that don’t. A-B testing is a way to see how minor changes can impact your clicks and conversions.

People are fickle, and changing a word in the ad text or the color of the call to action on your landing page can increase clicks dramatically. This is all part of PPC management. You can’t set up your campaigns and let them go indefinitely, no matter how many times Google says you can.

Campaigns and ad groups are constantly changing as your ads evolve, keywords are negative matched and new keywords are added. The goal of PPC management isn’t just to get people to your site. It’s about getting people to your site at the lowest possible cost to you. That requires knowledge and expertise that most people outside of a digital marketing agency don’t have.

If you’re tired of seeing your competition beating you in the search results and want to take some of those clicks and conversions away, then contact us today and we can work with you to manage your PPC campaigns from start to finish.

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