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Accidents involving pedestrians are more common than they should be. Sometimes, the pedestrian is at fault. Other times, the driver behind the wheel acts negligently and harms the pedestrian as a result of their poor judgment.

No matter who causes the incident, pedestrians are still worthy of protection and they should always have access to legal representation. Not everyone who is hit or struck by a moving vehicle knows how to proceed after the incident. But pedestrians have rights, just like everyone else on the road.

Pedestrians are expected to follow traffic laws. They must allow oncoming traffic to pass if they have the right of way. Stepping into traffic is unlawful. Jaywalking is another way of breaking the law. As long as pedestrians act in accordance with the law, they should be safe when walking along roads and crossing streets.

Drivers are expected to use caution when behind the wheel of any motor-operated vehicle. But drivers are human and sometimes people make mistakes. There are general guidelines that drivers and pedestrians are expected to follow, but people don’t always abide by the law, causing accidents.

If someone is walking through a crosswalk and an oncoming car does not stop in due time, the driver is at fault. Intersections are no different. Anytime a person on foot is struck, hit, or injured by a moving vehicle, a pedestrian accident has occurred. If a car hits a pedestrian, then the pedestrian is considered the victim of a personal injury incident and he or she has the rights to claim compensation for injuries caused by the event.

It is not uncommon for a car to veer off onto the side of the road where pedestrians are. If someone is struck by a car while they are travelling by foot, they are considered the victim in a pedestrian injury accident.

The statute of limitations for pedestrians injured by vehicles is set at three years. Failure to report an incident after three years invalidates the claim. Compensation rights are revoked at that point as well. Injured parties can certainly report the accident after three years have passed but they should know that the chances of going forward with their case are slim to none.

It is suggested that people injured in pedestrian accidents take measures to file their claim sooner rather than later. While three years sounds like a lengthy statute of limitations, time passes quickly and three years can fly by sooner than one might think.

The NPD discovered that the processes for filing a suit and claiming compensation are time consuming, too. It might take the whole three years to start and finalize the personal injury claim. For that reason, people in search of an attorney who handles pedestrian accidents should act now.

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