The Latest Technology in the Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant Services in Turkey

Guide Medical is a clinic located in Istanbul, Turkey with specialisation of plastic surgeries including rhinoplasty, cosmetic dentistry, butt lift, vaginoplasty, and hair transplant. It applies only the newest and qualified technology to make sure the best results now and later.

Istanbul – May 24, 2018 – Plastic Surgery is a need for many people particularly those who think that their body parts are not ideal. Although there are numerous clinics for plastic surgery, it is difficult to assure whether they are credible or not. Plastic surgery doesn’t mean without any risk. This beauty effort sometimes even gives long-term effect so it is important to assure the reputation of the clinic chosen.

Guide Medical is one of the clinics in Istanbul Turkey that gives more guarantees for each procedure given to the patients. The application of high-end and sophisticated technology, is believed to minimize the risks as well as fasten the healing process. Moreover, it is also supported by people who expert and experienced on its field. There are some services offered by Guide Medical starting from hair transplant, neck lift, butt live, vaginoplasty, facelift, and many more. For the first time, Guide Medical is focused on the hair transplant matter so that it is known as the hair transplant in Turkey.

Along with the additional experts joined, it enlarges its services. Currently, it is famous for numerous specialties including the best neck lift in Turkey, the best buttocks in Turkey, the best facelift in Turkey, and the best cosmetic dentistry in Turkey. Those achievements are found from numerous surveys based on the customers’ satisfaction. Recently, Guide Medical also introduces the procedure for Brazilian butt lift in Turkey. It is intended for them who wish for sexy body shape like Brazilian girls.

“For all those plastic surgery procedures, the safety is guaranteed and the patient has to fulfill some requirements for this. Therefore, not only the results optimized, patients’ conditions related to health are also maintained properly. Aside that free consultation is available.” said Guide Medical representative.

About Guide Medical:

Being established for many years, Guide Medical prioritizes the safety and quality aside from the good results. It was founded by a beauty expert and there are only the experts who have a chance to join. To guarantee and give predictions of the final results, consultations are required to know the current conditions of the patients.

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