Excellence makes itself successful, Lu Yitian’s four-year masterpiece “the strange talk of Jinmen” will be published soon

The development of network literature and audio literature is becoming more and more prosperous, but excellent works are always rare.The online literary platform, represented by the horizon and the starting point, and the audio literary platform represented by the Himalayas and lazy people listening to books, are constantly emerging in all kinds of works.But most of the work is so mediocre that it doesn’t work. And the truly excellent works stand out from the eyes of the netizens.Lu Yidan’s Jinmen Monster novel “the strange talk of Jinmen” is a masterpiece respected by netizens.


Lu yitian’s novel “the strange talk of Jinmen”, which was written about Tianjin god, was opened in 2014, and it quickly reached 1.2 million hits in the Tianya.Later, Lu yitian himself adapted it into Jin Men ballad, which was broadcast in FM Himalaya. at present, the total broadcast volume exceeds 2.2 million.This real data undoubtedly shows the splendid content of “the strange talk of Jinmen” and Lu yitian’s commendable writing and broadcasting level.


It is reported that Lu yitian, the author of “the strange talk of Jinmen”, has attracted much attention because of the one-and-a-half-year suspension of “the strange talk of Jinmen” due to job transfer, which caused the event of ” fans coming to ask for more”.In order to create a larger development platform for himself, Lu yitian resigned from the university and went abroad for further study. now he is a doctoral student of SEGI UNIVERSITY PHD in Malaysia, and founded the Malaysian yitian company and its Hot club and restaurant entertainment.Lu yitian also set aside more time for literary creation and audio broadcast.At present, the publication of “the strange talk of Jinmen” has been put on the agenda.Lu yitian’s new book “Jin men chivalrous record” also started recording and launched Himalayan FM, hoping to bring more joy to fans and meet everyone’s high expectations.

Writer Zhou Guoping said, ” when setting goals for life, the first goal should be Excellence, the second goal should be success, and success is an excellent byproduct.Lu yitian’s experience is the representative of “Excellence makes itself successful,help yourself, and god will help you.Knowing that Lu yitian’s work “the strange talk of Jinmen” is about to be published, the author wishes this young talent pursue Excellence constantly and express a magnificent picture of life!

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