Does A Business Really Need A Logo?

After your brilliant business idea, what’s the next thing you think about?  A decent name probably. A good business name is essential right?  And after the name comes your logo.  Wow, that’s just as important as the name, yes? And at some point you’ll need a website proudly displaying that shiny new name. Correct?

Well that’s certainly the way many businesses begin, but aren’t we missing something here?  What’s really so important about your company name or logo?  Imagine for a moment you’re a pop band. You and your 3 mates are dreaming of screaming fans, fame and fortune.  Let’s think of a name; how about the Nasty Smells?  Yuk, but at least it’s memorable. Now for that logo – (OK, I’ll leave that to your imagination.) And finally the Nasty Smells website with your imaginative logo.  (Mine was a pair of dirty socks by the way, with the Nasty Smells embroidered on the sides).

This is ridiculous right? How could we expect such a silly name and unpleasant logo lead us to fans, fame and fortune?  What could possibly make this work?

Well there’s one thing that just might.  Forget the Nasty Smells, forget the unpleasant logo and think about what’s really important here. Think about how this mythical pop band might actually sound?  Who knows, they might sound rather good. Now replace the Nasty Smells with The Beatles and you’ve got my point.

It’s why smart companies in St. Louis and around the globe are already focusing their online presence on what really matters – the experience of their customers. Chief Designer at A Fresh Web Design in St. Louis agrees. “What savvy companies realize more and more is their online presence is so much more than a static website and pretty logo. Customers want an experience and that’s exactly what we build into the sites we design.”

The most obvious example of one such ‘experience’ is a website with responsive design. Absolutely essential today with most consumers using Smartphone’s and tablets to buy, communicate and share.  But even some of the world’s biggest brands were slow off the mark.

A Fresh Web Design’s Rich says, “Responsive web design provides your business with a website that will automatically adjust to the screen size of the device being used to view your website. Responsive website design is a mandatory web design feature required by the search engines to rank in mobile search.”

And that’s just the beginning of giving your customers an online experience they’ll enjoy, remember and wanting more.

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