Revolutionary rideshare channel Nsight Ads taking businesses to next level by targeting customers on the go

Nsight Ads Channel is helping businesses to advertise their brands before thousands of customers by displaying ads on ride-share vehicles to successfully target the modern busy customers always on the go.

Arlington, VA – May 25, 2018 – Entrepreneurs struggling to attain best exposure for their brands need not look further. A next-generation rideshare channel, Nsight Ads Channel, is helping businesses to bring their brands to the fore before thousands of customers in as low as $0.09 cents per view. The company also promises excellent additional income opportunities for rideshare drivers and opportunities to win a prize on ride for rideshare riders.

The rideshare channel presently caters to businesses across Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia and has plans to expand to other States very soon.

What separates Nsight Ads Channel from other advertising companies is its unique branding approach that stresses on “targeting customers on the go.”

“It’s a busy world today where your audience is always on the move. Thus, the best way to target them is to display your brand exactly when they are on the go. And this is where Nsight Ads comes as your ultimate advertising and marketing partner”, stated Imran Saleem, the founder and CEO of Nsight Ads Channel.

Nsight Ads Channel displays clients’ brands on the screens of the leading rideshare vehicles including Uber and Lyft. 

“Uber and Lyft are the most popular rideshare services and are widely preferred by Americans for their daily commute. Thus, if you display your brand on these rideshare vehicles, you secure the opportunity to gain a widespread exposure for your brand. We will enable you to catch the attention of your audience while they are seated and on the move. When a person is seated he is better able to grasp the displays on the screen even while on the go which makes the advertisement even more effective.”

Nsight Ads Channel displays active geolocation ads on the screens of rideshare vehicles that work to remind local buyers to come and visit the local businesses.

The company also plans to market clients’ brands on its mobile app. This service will be coming soon on the platform.

“We market with strategy. We filter users and send direct messages to their mobile phones to remind them to visit our client’s store or purchase your products and services. Users can purchase products, reserve tables, book hotels, rent cars, order food, buy tickets and so on. We even send out promo alerts to clients’ customers to inspire them to hit the clients’ stores”, the CEO added in. 

Additionally, Nsight Ads Channel helps clients with advertisement on indoor-outdoor high traffic locations on bigger screens by metro stations, outdoor events and also indoor screens at restaurants and other such populous spots.  

“Our screens offer Wi-Fi when someone watches our displayed ads which inevitably pulls crowd to them and simultaneously assure wider exposure for your brand advertised on the screen.”

The company pays the Uber and Lyft drivers for displaying the ads on their car screen and the partnered drivers are already enjoying the feed back. They are having an extra source of income for what they already do.

“It’s like getting paid in my sleep”, said one of the partner drivers of Nsight Ads Channel.

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