Bruno Coin Aims To Unify All People Around The World

Do you want to send money to your friends? Do you want to make people happy? Do you want to see a smile on people’s face? Send them Bruno Coin. With Bruno Coin, you can easily send money to people you want around the world within a fingertip and use it wherever you want.

Bruno Coin will widely be known as the smiling cryptocurrency. It is a standard payment solution which will unify all people around the world based on the blockchain technology.

Conducting an international money transfer using your high street bank is not only costly but can also easily take up to five days or more. Fortunately, there is a new solution that alleviates high remittances costs, Bruno Coin. This decentralized global digital currency allows users to send and receive money across borders without the need for an intermediary such as a bank or a money transfer operator who takes a cut out of the transaction.

It is very easy to deal in Bruno Coin, as it offers a relatively secure and hassle-free way to send and receive money, and also buy goods and services online and in-store. With just a Bruno smile, the world can be made a better place.

With its decentralization and anonymity, the blockchain is emerging as a revolutionary technology not only in the financial field, where paying middlemen fees are no longer required, but it is also changing the tech industry and people’s daily lives since it presents itself as a strong record-keeping solution. Blockchain technology gives you the chance to make your finances grow faster and give better returns.

Bruno Coin’s development team aims to see people smiling while sharing money across borders with their friends, relatives, and businesses on the globe. Their clients – both corporate and private ones – will access all the services they need from a single platform.

Bruno Coin’s pre-sale of tokens will start on June 1, 2018 at a special price prior to the ICO. The ICO will start on June 16th, 2018. The token remaining from the sale will be burnt. While Bruno Coin’s development team is going to raise funds, they care about investors who invest in their program, and will aim to give a decentralized payment gateway solutions in their roadmap.

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