Australian Schizophrenic Youtuber and Artist Proposing Idea For Generating Energy

A Magnet-Based Idea Deserves To Be Researched According to Him

May 25, 2018 – Arwin Kraze is an intriguing Australian figure. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1993, a year after graduating from Deakin University. He managed to live his life with his diagnosis to his best ability and used the arts to express himself.

He has performed as an artist and has made low budget films detailing his experiences in life. Kraze has even performed at some stand-up comedy events around Australia over the years. Today he is hoping to control his life even further and feel stronger about himself by helping himself and people to learn more about who they are, Kraze champions ‘recovery’.

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The work that Arwin Kraze has made over the years has been intriguing. But today there is something rather interesting that Kraze is promoting relating to how life can be led. Specifically, he is curious as to why we need electrical generators that rotate for producing electricity.

This is an interesting concept – an Australian schizophrenic is posing a question about producing energy and whether people can get the same results from a generator without having to get a generator to rotate in a circular motion.

In a recent YouTube video, Kraze states that there’s no need to generate motion to produce energy. Rather, the downward force of weight on the top of magnets with a solenoid in between the magnets should help to produce a charge that generates energy without moving parts. A large amount of weight would be needed on top of the magnets, thus referring to the process as crushing magnets.

This idea is something that Kraze feels will make a difference in the future. He says that through research, this may lead to a big breakthrough in the next five to ten years.

He argues that by using generators that do not have moving parts, it may be easier for energy to be produced accordingly. The results for the environment would be strong as there would be no need to get fossil fuels and the like to ready generators the way they work now.

Information on what Arwin Kraze is proposing can be found on his YouTube page. He is also promoting his content and ideas at The points that Arwin Kraze has been promoting have proven to be rather intriguing and worth exploring and could make a true difference.

Do we have a mad genius on our hands or just someone thinking outside the box, or should we say thinking under the force of that box.

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