Sumtastic, the new solo, and multi-player board game receives a good response for its Kickstarter campaign

Sumtastic is the newly launched solo and multi-player board game on Kickstarter that has received great response from the backers and achieved more than half of its $868 fundraising goal with still a few weeks to go. The backers have supported the campaign with great enthusiasm and many have pre-ordered the board game through the various perks. The game was originally invented to help engage inner-city children with Maths but it soon gained popularity as an entertaining game and the demand started to grow, eventually leading to the commercial launch of the game.

David Miles, the creator of this game put it through multiple stages of evolution to finally launch the version, now available on Kickstarter. Sumtastic is described as “The Maths equivalent of scrabble”, rated as “10/10”, a “board game that makes Maths fun” and classed as “Highly addictive”. The game has already become a hit among many people and the knowledgeable board game bloggers are posting on YouTube, ”It’s a Maths game, don’t let that chase you away!”.

Many teachers around the UK have tried and loved this game, as well as the reviewers in America, France, Canada and Spain, have also given thumbs up to it. Sumtastic is an educational board game that combines Maths learning experience with fun. It can be enjoyed solo, with family and friends by people of all ages.

Sumtastic can be set up quickly and played by anyone who can count. Apart from the classic dice rolls, the suspense in the game also depends on the tile selection. Winning the game depends on both skills and luck. While creating the game, the developers have followed an organic approach and manufactured the main board and playing tiles using sustainable woods. The packaging, scorecards, and instruction cards are all made from a high percentage recycled paper.

By pledging for the early bird reward of £16, the backers can get travel size playing board and frame along with other game components. The delivery of the game is estimated to be in July 2018. More information about Sumtastic board game can be found on

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