Loretta Green LLC Releases New Professional Ph Meter And Temperature Meter To The Market

May 28, 2018 – Emerging leader in the manufacturing of quality meters, Loretta Green LLC, proudly announces the new professional pH and temperature meter. The pH and temperature meter is a vital laboratory instrument and it is available at a very pocket friendly and unbeatable price.

The meter is most suitable for Water purification applications, waste-water regulation, aquaculture, hydroponics, labs & scientific testing, pools & spas, ecology testing, wine making, agriculture and much more.

The Digital Aid PH and temperature meter is fantastic, and super easy to read. This is a great addition to tool kits for checking PH of liquids often. This meter has a large easy to read screen, with easy to read numbers. The backlight LCD screen makes it super easy to read. There is also a hold button to save reading ifthe need to record arises.

This meter reacts quickly and comes with a nice plastic case, and a set of calibration solution powders. The meter also has an Auto-off function and low-battery indicator. The meter has an overwhelming high number of positive reviews as each buyers narrate their love for the product.

“Perfect, exactly as stated- last meter you will ever purchase. I purchased several others previously that were horrific; I wish I could’ve found this one first!! Thank you for this amazing perfect quality & price pH meter!!”

The digital aid meter with an excellent customer service not only delivers quality but also comes already calibrated with free pH buffer solution powders and products can be purchased on Amazon and goods are delivered in value and on time.

Brand Name: Digital Aid

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