Ground Safety available for everyone at Alberta, Canada

Edmonton, Alberta – As a parent, whether you are an experienced or a new parent, their children’s safety is the utmost important thing for them. The use of strollers, high chairs, safety pads on knees, elbows and helmet while playing outside, etc., are some of the most obvious things a parent puts on their child to make sure they do not get hurt. But while these parents spend their money in buying personal care packages and stuff for their child, very few people are aware that there is a company that found a cleaner, sustainable and of course, safe infrastructure for the local playgrounds, recreational centers, sports centers, and the likes which is called Softline Solutions.

As mentioned on their website, “Softline Solutions was founded to research and fulfill the need for safer, cleaner and sustainable playground and recreation surfaces. This research led to the manufacturing of Pour In Place safety surface systems and other unique specialist surfacing systems to meet global safety standards without compromising the environmental footprint.This company has developed a way for parents and all other people engaging in these areas to feel safe by being able to provide outdoor rubber playground flooring so even if the kids playing in the playground fall or hit the ground, they will not get bruised. And as a parent, knowing that even if those occurrences may happen, they are confident that their kid will stay safe and unharmed.

Some of the services that Softline Solutions offer are Rubber Surfacing which uses rubber granules that are mixed and applied to the ground, preferably on slippery places, pathways, playground surfaces or any rough ground.  VistaLine Rubber Products which are small and recreational landscape products such as tree stumps, logs, rocks, and others that can be placed on playgrounds and is safe as they use recycled rubber and Terraflex Permeable Surfacing. Apart from said above, Softline Solutions also offers landscape works, playground inspection, site preparation, curb or parking stomps, and rubber matting. Quite a diverse company as some would say. They also have various office locations to cater to a bigger audience. They have offices in Morris Road Edmonton, Calgary, Raney Crescent London, and Surrey, Canada.

To know more about this company or would like to request a free quotation, visit their website at  or call them at (877) 362-3133. Their office is open from 7 am to 7 pm, Mondays to Fridays at 4611 Morris Road, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. For other inquiries, people can also email them at and their personnel will gladly be of assistance.

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Phone: 1 (877) 362-3133
Address:4611 Morris Road
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