Good Quality Chemicals Set To Upgrade Global Pharmaceutical and Industrial Processes and Safety

Aromalake introduces a wide variety of chemical compounds that meet global purity standards and safe for use in various laboratory, analytical, and industrial applications

Aromalake Chemical Co., Ltd, a reputable Chinese manufacturing company introduces their new wide range of high-quality and standard chemicals to provide global customers with safe raw materials for use in pharmaceutical, industrial processes as well as other applications. These feature various forms of aromatic compounds, amino acids, heterocyclic compounds, and chiral building blocks such as), Boric acid-11B (11B enriched) and more as well as other active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Responding to the global market competition for chemical raw materials to increased production as well as the need to sustain the global economy, Aromalake has come up with a wide range of chemical compounds amongst which is the Monopotassium Phosphite. Several forms of this chemical are been applied in the manufacturing industries as raw materials in the formulation of foliar fertilizer and water-soluble fertilizers. They are also applicable as fungicides in the control of a broad spectrum of fungal species.

Aromalake chemical Co., Ltd also specializes in the manufacture of useful starting material such as the Boric acid-10B (10B enriched) for the preparation of products labeled with boron-10. This has also found application in the food manufacturing industries in addition to the Agricultural and Pharmaceutical processes. The company also ensures their products are completely licensed in addition to their proper labeling, description, and specifications. This is achieved to avoid posing serious risks to global users.

However, to boost output rate, global supply of their products as well as improve services to their global customers, the company aims at expanding their territory. They have recently reached a unanimous decision to embark on a 5-year project which will see the installation of a full-capacity and standard chemistry platform. Other products belonging to the aromatic compounds, heterocyclic compounds and more include LS42661 2,5-Dichloroamylamine Hydrochloride,  LS42659Isopropyl 3-aminocrotonate, LS42658 N,N’-Dimethyloxamide, LS42656 1-(2,4-Difluorophenyl)piperazine, LS42651 Cycloheptanone and others. Clients who are interested in knowing more about Aromalake Chemical Co., Ltd, their products and services are urged to visit their website on

About Aromalake Chemical Co., Ltd

Located in China, Aromalake Chemical Co., Ltd also known as Lakesyn Chemical is an innovation-driven company that specializes in the manufacture of different kinds of chemical compounds. The company has a group of experienced chemists and experts in process management, synthetic chemistry, quality control/assurance, manufacturing and more. Their products include heterocyclic compounds, aromatic compounds, chiral building blocks, amino acids as well as other pharmaceutical ingredients.

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