Chris D. hits the IFSM Fashion Week LA Fashion Runway in style

Young, talented model, Chris D., makes her mark in the recently concluded the IFSM Fashion Week in Los Angeles

Christine Ding, popularly known as Chris D, is a 17-year old young, beautiful, and talented model and she recently achieved a milestone when she lived her dream to make a major appearance on the world stage, as she walked for fashion brands like Silkee Wrap and Cynna Z in the just concluded IFSM Fashion Week LA Fashion Runway, which was held in March.

The fashion and entertainment world has witnessed the rise of creative minds and energetic acts that have dazzled the industry in recent times. One of such talents that is gradually making her mark and creating a niche for herself in the industry is Chris, otherwise known as Christine Ding.

Chris D. has always wanted to be an entertainment star and started chasing her dream from a tender age. Originally from China, she knew the only to hit the big runways and exhibit her talent was to get to the world’s capital of fashion and entertainment – Los Angeles. Consequently, she took the bold step of moving to Los Angeles with her parents.

Signed to IFSM Fashion in February 2018, Chris D. made her debut appearance on a major runway event less than a month after her signing. Her somewhat immediate recognition and break into the limelight is however not surprising, considering her features, which include a unique combination of beauty and intelligence.

The amazing waist long jet black-haired, fresh innocent looking beauty became an instant success, with her modeling career going from strength to strength, after being signed by a heavyweight in the industry on her 17th birthday, and making her catwalk debut a few weeks later.

The IFSM Fashion Week LA Fashion Runway event was probably the perfect platform for Chris D. to kickstart her career on the global stage, considering that she is currently based in Los Angeles. She was able to grace the runway walking for three of the LA’s well-known designers – Camille, who featured in IFSM Fashion Week LA, Silkee Wrap and Cynna Z. from Los Angeles, California. Angie has probably made the best start to her career, as most first-timers will kill to walk any of these brands on a runway show. As a real up and comer, Chris also reached a major milestone in this season’s Los Angeles IFSM Fashion Week LA, modeling the Spring’s Most Colorful Trends.

The multi-talented model is not just about beauty, as in addition to modeling and running around to castings, Chris D. is also focused on her education, catching up on high school work and ensuring she combines brain and beauty in a somewhat unprecedented manner.

In 2018, Chris D. was nominated as a Regional Committee member for International Fashion SuperModel. In the same year, she also won the best up and comer Model from USAPIC, which will span well into the foreseeable future.

Chris D. can be said to be a work-in-progress that will rank as one of the greatest models to grace the fashion world and different runways across the globe. This is so as other Fashion runway projects spanning across a variety of countries around the world, including USA, Hong Kong, and China will be looking to feature the beautiful Christine D. aka Chris Ding.

Chris D. will be counted on to be a mainstay in the industry, while she sacrifices her time to maintain the integrity of the fashion entertainment industry for years to come.

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