A++ and the Lambda Calculus – Introduction to the Lambda Calculus

“A++ and the Lambda Calculus” by Georg P. Loczewski
Readers of Georg P. Loczewski’s “A++ and the Lambda Calculus” learn how something that was created in the 1930s is used as the basis of a modern programming language.

In the 1930s, American logician Alonzo Church created the Lambda Calculus, which is introduced in depth in this book. The logician’s works were documented and published in 1941 (under the title “The Calculi of Lambda Conversion”). Alonzo Church’s goal was to formulate a mathematical logical system and had no intention of creating a programming language –  after all, modern computers were not yet a thing in the 1930s! However, decades later, when the age of the computer arrived, people discoverd the intrinsic relationship of his system to programming. Readers of this book will receive an introduction to the Lambda Calculus as the theoretical foundation of all ‘Functional Programming’ languages, and learn how a creation of the 1930s helped to solve a number of computer related issues.

The interesting book “A++ and the Lambda Calculus” by Georg P. Loczewski also contains a brief introduction to the educational programming language A++, a minimal programming language that was built with the Lambda Calculus as its foundation. The purpose of A++ is to serve as a learning instrument rather than as a programming language used to solve practical problems. A++ is meant to serve as a learning tool for core programming patterns that can be applied to other languages.

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