Bathroom graffiti hits the big time

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Jake Anderson’s distinctive art form is now a twice-weekly blog.

One of the world’s most unique art forms, bathroom graffiti, is now a regular blog that appears twice weekly on Jake Anderson’s website,

“If there wasn’t a demand for this type of artwork, then I wouldn’t be doing a blog but there is plenty of interest out there,” noted Anderson, who recently published a book of bathroom art entitled Off The Stall!: Unconventional Bathroom Graffiti.

The book, crowdfunded through Kickstarter, attracted more than $4,000 in donations.

“The response to my Kickstarter campaign demonstrates how many people take this art form seriously,” he said. “There are many bathroom graffiti artists who love to display their work and many others who really enjoy seeing it. That’s why I started the blog.”

The new blog, which runs on Tuesdays and Fridays, can be viewed at

Anderson, a resident of Lexington, Mass., points out that some of the world’s greatest art can be found in some of the world’s nastiest places. “I believe that bathroom graffiti, aka “latrinalia”, is something to be valued,” he said. “Not all of it, but a small minority is worthy of fine art and anthropological study. It makes people laugh, think, or smile.”

In compiling artwork for his book, Anderson traveled all over the globe, uncovering distinctive artifacts. It’s not unusual for him to spend an hour or more in a bathroom and his searches are not limited to men’s bathrooms. With permission from the café or bar owner, he has uncovered some hidden gems in ladies’ rooms.

Most of the time, the graffiti doesn’t last long before it is washed away or painted over – and gone forever. “That’s why I did the book,” explained Anderson, “and that’s why this blog is important.”

Over the years, Anderson has refined the process of collecting this bathroom art. He takes a photo of the graffiti and then traces the image onto a piece of paper. The traced version is sent to a graphic artist who reworks it into an aesthetic masterpiece.

Many of these reworked images can be found on Anderson’s website,

“Bathroom graffiti is amazing stuff,” he said, “and it’s very different. That’s why I love it.”

For additional information visit or contact Anderson directly at

Picture of bathroom graffiti.
Picture of bathroom graffiti.

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