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May 31, 2018 – Singapore – User Experience (USER) recently launched a free Usability Testing Course Website that is geared towards helping to facilitate usability tests. USER specializes in user experience through offering the services of conducting user research, interactive and visual design, digital marketing services and mobile application and website development. The team at USER has developed a product that will aid in making it easier for website owners and/or app developers to assess the product they offer online.

Usability testing allows the evaluation of a product or service by testing it with representative users. Participants are asked to try and complete typical tasks while they are observed and notes are taken to create a report. The aim of the usability test is to identify any problems the user may have while utilizing the website or application, to collect qualitative and quantitative data to determine the participants satisfaction of the problem.

With the new course launched by USER it will help developers administer this test on their products or services that are websites or application based. The facilities available at USER are state of the art and provides the best quality environment to conduct the tests. The lab features testing rooms, observation rooms. The usability tests include the use of eye-tracker which is used to trace the user’s gaze, the heat map which is used to trace all clicks and provide real-time analytics and functional testing which is used to check whether all the required functions of software are specified within the functional specifications or design specifications.

For further information on User Experience and the launch of the free usability testing course visit https://www.user.com.sg/ and conduct the simple and free usability test at https://usabilitytesting.com.sg/. For enquiries Email project@user.com.sg or call us at +65-6522 2526

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