Advanced DIN Male Connectors, Coaxial Cables, Grounding Kits Boost Global Wireless Telecom Network Experience

VOLDA Communication produces a new set of DIN Male Connectors, Coaxial Cables, Universal Grounding Kits and other components to improve global experience in wireless telecom network operations.

VOLDA Communication, the Chinese company with over 12 years of manufacturing experience, announces the release of a new line of technologically advanced wireless telecom network componentsto provide global wireless telecom network with a better experience in operations. These feature a wide range of DIN Male Connectors, Steel Hardware, Jumper Cables, Coaxial Grounding Kits and others including Hoisting Grips, Boots & Entry Panels and more.

With the growing trend towards achieving a high-speed signal by mobile communication industries, there is need to enhance production and services with good quality to meet the requirements for the construction of wireless telecommunications network systems. Responding to this global urgency and the need for expansion, VOLDA Communication has come up with a wide range of advanced telecom tower site components one of which is the DIN Male Connectors.  This is represented in the advanced RF Connector 7/16 DIN Male for 1/2″ Superflex Cable.

Advanced DIN Male Connectors, Coaxial Cables, Grounding Kits Boost Global Wireless Telecom Network Experience

Also manufactured by VOLDA Communication is the Coaxial Cable Grounding Kit which is designed with tinned wires. The machine is technically integrated with standard bonding conductor and cable jacketing removal lengths and compatible diameters in addition to Lugs, hardware, tapes and several other high-tech components. Moreover, the company has a team of experienced employees who focus on the research, development, and production in addition to ensuring the security of the packaging and assembling processes to continually preserve and enhance global customer experience.

The company has also developed other coaxial cables one of which is the Jumper Cable. Other products include RF components, support grips, cable attachments, feeder clamps, cable entry, weatherproofing, other steel products and more. In addition to their products, the company provides other services to global customers. These include complete on-time shipping services to help customers pay less. Again, they provide other specialty or custom services for specific applications. They have also indicated their commitment to providing a 100% satisfaction to customers.

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The Chinese giant industrial company, VOLDA specializes in the manufacture and supply of a wide assortment of high quality telecom tower site components which include Steel Hardware, Cable Runway Components, Cable Blocks, Hangers, Standoff Kits, Angle Adapters, Grounding, Hoisting Grips, Boots & Entry Panels, Jumper Cables, Tapes & Weatherproofing, Feeder Clamps, Coaxial Connectors and more. The products are supplied domestically and overseas.

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