EOS occurred high-risk vulnerabilities! AICHAIN paid more attention to security problem!

Yesterday, Korea’s national legislative institution consisting of 300 representatives formally presented one proposal, allowing to conduct ICO activities under the premise that there are relevant protection clauses formulated for investors. If the proposal is approved, it will further promote the development of blockchain market.

The blockchain security problem will also cause the heated debate again as the blockchain industry is becoming increasingly fierce.

At 16:00 on May 29 (China Standard Time), Internet security enterprise 360 convened the news conference on EOS vulnerabilities and announced the series of high-risk vulnerabilities existed at EOS platform, for this point, EOS expressed that EOS network will not be launched online formally prior to fixing these vulnerabilities.

For blockchain enterprise, launching main network online means that enterprise can develop various applications for various industries, provide basic technology support, that it is the core foundation for the implementation and application of blockchain technology in the future and even the foundation for supporting commercial applications and realizing maximum benefits in the future.

After the comprehensive consideration of the blockchain main network’s current online conditions, platform-related project competition mainly reflects in the technological scheme design and development progress. In the aspect of technological scheme design, existing schemes basically cover the consensus mechanism optimization, transaction processing speed acceleration, smart contract diversification, expansibility improvement and other fields; In the aspect of development progress, the average online launching cycle of main network for platform projects is 10.2 months. It is expected that first quarter of 2019 will be the concentration period for the online launching of main networks for platform projects. At present, however, more than 50 projects have completed the online launching of main network, among of which Ethereum, etc. reached outstanding achievement.

As one blockchain + AI enterprise, AICHAIN has been also striving for promoting the online launching of AICHAIN’s main network recently. Except for the vulnerability testing of blockchain consensus mechanism, AICHAIN’s team will also conduct the security testing of peripheral functional interface and introduced third-party to perform the security testing of more samples in the aspect of security issues.

In addition, DAE platform under AICHAIN can upload the encrypted data resources of all users to center system at the data security level, the system’s key management function combined with smart contract can guarantee the information data security to the greatest extent.

Further, AICHAIN also expressed that it will pay more attention to security vulnerabilities in the future after EOS occurred security vulnerabilities, and complete the online launching of main network as soon as possible while completing security protection.

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