Mascottes Offers a Full Range of Pet Services for Urban Dwellers

In France, almost half of all households have a pet, with the most popular animals being dogs and cats.  For these families, a pet is a valuable member of their home, but they are often challenged by the lack of pet services, especially if they reside in urban areas. A new large scale, one-stop service center, Mascottes, intends to change all of that.  Mascottes will offer a wide variety of products and services which will pamper your animal companion.

Mascottes is the brainchild of Thierry Ako who has been developing the idea for more than five years. He has thoroughly researched the pet services industry as well as the most desirable services for most pet owners, and has produced a robust enterprise that will satisfy almost every need of a pet owner.  Mascottes will enable pet owners to obtain the latest foods, clothing, bedding, grooming, day care, and training. Mascottes will also serve as a platform for connecting pet farms with potential pet adopters (although Mascottes will not sell cats and dogs itself). All pets for adoption or day care on the premises will be housed in the highest quality settings, which will be monitored by certified caretakers.

In addition to purely commercial services, Mascottes will also offer valuable services for the pet lover community. The company will sponsor workshops, home care, dog walking, and training sessions.  Mascottes will also offer pets to seniors in the community as a way to support them physically and emotionally. Important opportunities for children to interact with pets will also be sponsored from time to time. The company will host the “The Mascottes Club,” a social network for pet lovers which will facilitate the exchange of news and important information.

The ultimate goals of Mascottes are to ensure the wellbeing of all animals, and the full satisfaction of their owners. However, Mascottes is not yet a reality. In order to complete this important project, Thierry Ako and his team need €45,000. They have already secured an initial €60,000 in funding, but the funds raised through their crowdfunding campaign on KissKissBankBank will enable them to secure additional funding from banks. These funds will be used for facility construction, equipment, merchandise, vehicles, and animal care products. In return for supporting this important project, you may receive rewards like T-shirts, donations to pet shelters in your name, meetings with Thierry Ako, month’s supply of pet food, or invitation to the Grand Opening. 

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