T​he amazing phenomena of Jorge Estrada and his global Mutatio Formulae LLC. – Go Fund Me Media and Fund-Raising Campaign!​

This is the story of Mr. Jorge Estrada. The story of a single father, singer, songwriter, producer, composer, arranger, lyricist, poet, and social scientist, born and raised in our nation’s capital Washington D.C. On foot and hardly any extra time or cash to spare. Estrada self-amassed a “Global Diamond-Studded network of the very top and the very inside personnel of the biggest, most historic, notable, regarded, and reputable companies of the United States and abroad. 

He also gathered a legion of stars who have worked with and continue to work with many of the most famous, celebrated, and well-known icons, legends, visionaries, and pioneers of our time, and from the annals of modern history to work on his upcoming projects.

As a result of his unyielding commitment, determination, grit, and internal fortitude, Mr. Jorge Estrada is now the Owner/President/Founder and Forefather of MUTATIO FORMULAE LLC. (A company whose direct objective is to provide full on and all out professionally fact-driven and fact-based entertainment products and services to the world!). Thus, he has assembled a Go Fund Me Campaign.

What lies on the horizon is an album EP debut, a non-fictional book debut and a documentary.

So now the next step is to obtain as much global notoriety and funding as possible towards MUTATIO FORMULAE LLC. GO FUND ME GLOBAL MEDIA AND FUND-RAISING CAMPAIGN to cover overhead assets and expenses, in order to get MUTATIO FORMULAE LLC. off the ground. 

Now Mr. Jorge Estrada has some reach. Wolf Blitzer’s Emmy award winning front cameraman from The Situation Room on CNN, had his personal sound engineer perform a basic clean-up of his new song idea platforms (instrumental foundations). These very same instrumental foundations will eventually evolve into fully mastered songs with his vocals and lyrics included for his upcoming debut album. He worked diligently to secure all of the global, national and D.C.based music legends into saying yes, to joining and forming what is now his world class recording team. With the purpose of incorporating their musical mastery, magic, power, and expertise inside of his instrumental foundations. 

Jorge wants to give you a taste of it all, the recording team for the production and completion of his album features:

• Mr. Robert “Mousey” Thompson, (the former personal drummer for over 15 years to the late James Brown.)

• Mr. Julian Junior Marvin, (the former lead/rhythm guitarist of the late King of Reggae Bob Marley and the Whailers.)

• Mr. Robbie Gordon aka The Secretary of Entertainment, (former bassist of the Godfather of Rap and 2012 Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award Gil-Scott Heron)

• Mr. Alvin White, (former bassist for The Incomparable Quincy Jones.)  

• Mr. Ben Sands, (who is currently the keyboardist and saxophonist for “The Queen of Soul” Ms. Aretha Franklin.

• Mr. Terrence Brown aka Big T, former guitarist of the legendary and iconic folk pop artist Paul Simon of Simon and Garfunkel.

• Mr. Charles Tolbert aka Bliss Ananda, (former keyboardist for Natalie Cole, who has also worked with Aretha Franklin has agreed to co-produce the debut Album.)

• Legendary Hip-Hop and R&B Producer Mr. Carl “Chucky” Thompson, agreed to consult on the debut album.

Jorge Estrada has got the eye of Mike Carter of Magna Carta Entertainment whose production credits are rapper J. Cole and Missy Elliott. The name dropping doesn’t cease there, for Estrada’s documentary. Rachel Dunn (2005 HORROR AND SCI-FI INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL AWARD WINNER FOR “BEST CINEMATOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR” for legendary horror film writer Stephen King’s Film “GOTHAM CAFE”) has agreed to produce and direct the documentary.

Even Derrick Ward the general assignment reporter for NBC-4 NEWS- WRC TV-Washington D.C. said he will do a feature cover story on Mr. Estrada! Kristen Horgen, Senior Editorial Lead Photographer of T.A.G.G. magazine out of Washington D.C. will document all of the historic recording sessions to be, through the lens of her camera.  

Backed and supported by many household names, Jorge Estrada is ready to take on the world.

If you would like to donate and become a part of this enormous movement:

The link is http://www.gofundme.com/mutatioformulaellc

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