College student with the mission to educate the world launches campaign on Indiegogo

Textbook Savior is a textbook resale company which is dedicated to making education accessible globally and improve textbook buying and renting experience.

New York, NY – 6 June, 2018 – Nelson Mandela had once famously said – “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” But, how can we possibly expect education to change the world when more than half of the world is deprived of education? But still, there seems to be ray of light. A NY-based college Junior, Ben Rosen, has recently introduced his revolutionary text-book resale company to Indiegogo which has single-handedly taken up the baton to educate the world- with one textbook at a time.

The Indiegogo campaign is geared to raise around $58,700 within a month.

Aptly titled “Textbook Savior”, Ben Rosen’s company is aimed to make education accessible for underprivileged students around the world who lack access to education due to financial reasons.

“As citizens of the world, we all have this basic moral duty to help each other in times of need. There are many underprivileged students across the world (especially in developing countries) who are unable to exercise the right to education given lack of access and financial constraints. Textbook Savior offers you the great opportunity to extend your support in educating the world so that these underprivileged students can receive proper education, grow up into educated and judicious humane beings- and positively contribute to change the world for better”, stated Ben Rosen, the visionary young man behind Textbook Savior. 

Textbook Savior aspires to contribute to global education through donation of old textbooks instead of sending them for recycling.  

“It’s a common practice to discard old textbooks when new versions come out. But basically, the new ones usually do not carry any significant changes from the old versions and we can easily use the old books without quoting them ‘outdated’. This is why Textbook Savior is looking to donate old books to underprivileged students when a new edition comes out to ensure more people can have access to education. Put simply, we will put these ‘outdated’ (but not really outdated) textbooks to better use by donating them.”  

Ben Rosen’s company is also on the mission to improve the textbook buying/renting experience for college students.

“As per the estimates of the College Board, a college student will have to shell out around $1168 per year on textbook & materials. And honestly, that’s a huge sum for many which consequently makes college education unaffordable for a lot of students. I have personally experienced the struggle and I knew I had to change it. Thus, Textbook Savior was born. Textbook Savior will relieve college students from the usual stress and hassle caused by textbook industry and slash down the cost of college course materials to a nominal $300 per year.”

Textbook Savior will extend the following facilities:

  • Buying or renting college textbooks for upcoming semesters at a much affordable rate as well as selling of old textbooks
  • ANY rental at just $40 per semester
  • FREE delivery & pickup of textbooks by the company’s Campus Ambassadors and that too IN-PERSON (unlike competitors) to relieve users of shipping hassles
  • Donation & delivery of textbooks to underprivileged schools & students in developing nations all around the world

“My company is all about offering more affordable textbooks to college students in a more easy to use manner along with helping to provide education to the world through donations. However, that’s a huge project and demands robust financial backup. Thus, this Indiegogo campaign. Your generous support will enable us to spread education throughout the world.” 

Backers will be rewarded with exclusive computer sticker, Textbook Savior shirt, opportunity to rent book at discounted rate and many such nice gifts.

To show your support for the campaign, please visit Indiegogo.

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