Buying Cannabis Seeds with Bitcoin at Seedsman is Now Possible

Interested individuals can now buy cannabis seeds with bitcoin at Seedsman. Those who will purchase any three or four packs of Barney’s Farm seed will get three or five Peyote Critical Seeds added to their basket upon checkout. Customers can get up to 8 free seeds when they spend €50 or more and pay by Bitcoin.

Seedsman offers a wide range of cannabis seeds for domestic preservation. They also offer products that can be used to store seeds for a long time. Those who are interested in growing cannabis at home can get high-quality seeds from Seedsman. Customers can get up to 25% discount on their first purchase and enjoy 15% to 25% discount on every subsequent order. They can also get an additional 10% discount when they buy €200+ worth of cannabis seeds and pay by Bitcoin.

Paying by Bitcoin is a faster, more secure, and more convenient way of purchasing cannabis seeds. All Bitcoin payments are anonymous and won’t link the user to any entity or person. A new wallet can also be created with each transaction. Customers don’t need to worry about credit card fraud or theft identity. Their Bitcoins will stay safe and won’t be stolen by anyone. Buying cannabis seeds at Seedsman using the company’s recommended exchange can help interested individuals save big. They can get up to $10 worth of free Bitcoin if they use the sign-up link found on the website and spend more than $100. Paying with Bitcoin entails a small transaction fee. Sending cash for international orders and bank transfers are time-consuming and expensive. Customers don’t need to worry about such matters when they use Bitcoins to buy cannabis seeds. There’s no need to call any bank to get permission in a foreign country to use Bitcoin.

Paying by Bitcoin for the first time takes about twenty-five minutes, and from then on, it only takes one to two minutes. Bitcoins are also readily accessible. Interested individuals can buy Bitcoins using a debit or credit card from MasterCard, Visa, or other prominent providers. Major cities and cannabis dispensaries now have Bitcoin ATMs, especially in states that have legalized cannabis. Seedsman has made it easier for customers to get cannabis seeds anytime and anywhere.

The company believes that most people who use cannabis use it sensibly and should be protected by the law. Users would have more choices for potency and strains. Legal regulation would also make it easier to enforce age restrictions, stop criminal gangs, and control the quality and potency of cannabis offered for sale. As such, a percentage of the company’s profit is used for supporting efforts in promoting legal changes in the UK and other parts of the world.

Seedsman does this by supporting charities and political lobbying organizations as well as attending cannabis conferences and trade shows. The company also keeps customers up-to-date with the latest news about cannabis laws. Seedsman provides valuable resources and information about cannabis to educate their visitors and encourage their participation in the lobbying process.

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