German Liectroux Robotics Institute Newly Launched Intelligent Massage Shaping Robot To Allows People To Easily Have A Healthy And Perfect Body

Modern people are busy with work. Office workers often sit for seven or eight hours a day, which makes them lack of exercise. In the long run, this will lead to various physical problems such as cervical spondylosis and lumbar disc herniation, etc. Regarding to this situation, the German Liectroux Robotics Institute has newly launched a new massage shaping robot which allows people to easily have a healthy and perfect body.

German Liectroux Robotics Institute Newly Launched Intelligent Massage Shaping Robot To Allows People To Easily Have A Healthy And Perfect Body

As the name implies, the massage shaping robot has two functions, one is massage function and the other is shaping function. The robot contains a wealth of knowledge and practical experience of Chinese physiotherapy, and it can skillfully perform massage treatments such as acupuncture and massage. Moreover, the robot is equipped with sensors on its arms, which can sense and measure the status of various parts of the patient’s body, for example the muscles. And upload it to the robot’s own intelligent system. The robot will then appropriately massage the user with the arms. The massage technique adopted by the robot is the same as the massage technique adopted by a professional massage therapist. And because the robot can position the treatment part more precisely than human beings so that it can achieve a better therapeutic effect.

Another important function of this robot is shaping function. As we all know, office workers are mostly sedentary, if they are sitting in a bad posture, it will easily lead to consequences like cervical spondylosis, kyphosis, waist fat and so on. When the robot is not required for massage therapy, you just need to press the “shaping” button and the robot will transform into an office chair. The user can sit on the chair and the chair will automatically detects the user’s height and body condition, and then do some self adjustments to correct the user’s sitting posture. Therefore, even if the user is sitting for a long time, it will not affect his/her body shape and body health due to bad sitting posture, which solved the problems like cervical spondylosis from the root.

The massage shaping robot newly launched by the German Liectroux Robotics Institute brings good news to users, especially for office workers who need to sit for a long time. Additionally, the German Liectroux robot has also made achievements in robot vacuum cleaners. (You can view the website: or The robot vacuum cleaners launched by the German Liectroux Robotics Institute uses a smart chip, which can accurately locate the indoor environment and scan the home environment, and can autonomously plan the area; it uses digital inverter brushless motor forged of professional custom high-precision pure lead which has high temperature resistance, high revolutions as well as strong suction up to 1500pa; when it encounters wire or other debris around, the machine will intelligently adjust the side brush speed and escape the winding in a short time. After its robot vacuum cleaners came out, they have been widely welcomed by consumers.

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