Chica Locca Tours Announces Launch of Puerto Vallarta’s First Affordable Private Yacht Rental

Sayulita, MX – Vacations are a special time for family and friends to make an escape from the real world, relax, and rejuvenate while spending quality time with loved ones. Vacations bring groups of people closer together and help them to realize what is truly important in life. But vacations do not happen every day, so it is important that they are special occasions that spark memories to be cherished for a lifetime. Chica Locca Tours understands the importance of making sure that vacations aren’t mundane and boring, which is why they are constantly working to create new, once-in-a-lifetime experiences off the beautiful west coast of Mexico.

Chica Locca Tours has recently unveiled a brand-new yacht, the Chica Locca Dos, that can be privately rented for an affordable price. This boat comes with perks such as onboard massages and clear kayaks that can be launched from the yacht. The vessel can handle up to 55 people, making it a suitable choice for a variety of occasions. There is an option to rent the yacht for a whole day or just for the sunset in several different destinations.

In addition to their new yacht Chica Locca Tours also offers Puerto Vallarta private boat tours, Islas Marietas tours, and Puerto Vallarta snorkeling tours. While some people want to stay on a budget and join on a group tour, some people prefer to have the privacy and exclusiveness of a private boat. Requesting a private charter through a private company like Chica Locca Tours ensures that travelers have complete control over their experience and who they share it with. In this case, travelers can create an experience that brings their family and friends together without interference from unknown people.

Customers have raved about the family owned and operated Chica Locca Tours, saying that their experiences with the company were truly unforgettable. The owner will often accompany parties to ensure that each and every guest is satisfied, thus showcasing the company’s dedication to customer service.

Vacations only happen occasionally, so they should be special and memorable without breaking the bank. Companies like Chica Locca Tours help customers get the best of both worlds: a wonderful experience with a reasonable price tag. Travelers looking to explore the magic of Mexico’s Banderas Bay now can consider embarking on a private excursion through Chica Locca Tours.

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