Common Knowledge Trust of New Zealand seeks to update the presentation of the present childbirth resources

Pink Kit Package Edition #3
The birth preparation and birth management guidelines remain as valuable now as when developed by hundreds of families in the early 1970s in the US, but this multi-media, module-based teaching tool needs a creative make-over.

In the early 1970s, Winter Green, a US based body-worker, worked with hundreds of families who developed a comprehensive set of skills that prepared pregnant women to give birth and also trained their partners in effective coaching skills. These skills have become known as Birthing Better with The Pink Kit Method®.

“The skills we developed are timeless,” said Green, “They will provide better birth experiences in every type of birth. While the skills remain compelling, the creative technologies have exponentially improved permitting our Trust to produce better resources thus moving these skills into a greater global awareness and availability.

Green immigrated to New Zealand in the mid1990s and placed these skills into a New Zealand registered, tax-exempt charitable organization, Common Knowledge Trust (CKT). Since then CKT has furthered the request of the original families to create a resource for self-learning of The Pink Kit skills and further the concept that all families should have skills to birth their children.

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Based in Nelson, New Zealand CKT launched Edition #1 in 2000, Edition #2 in 2005 and the present Edition #3 in 2008 via the website ( CKT is aiming to turn Edition #3 into Edition #4 using the present exciting creative technologies. This new resource will be re-organized into a simpler to use home-study resource yet still include audio and e-book components and a new whiteboard-styled animation for the visuals made available in multiple language.

Common Knowledge Trust would also like to complete the development of the on-line pregnancy/childbirth course and develop a mobile app to remind fathers and mothers-to-be when and how to practice these pragmatic, effective and simple skills.

“We would like to make The Pink Kit more streamlined, more accessible and a more enjoyable product for families to use in their own homes,” Green said. “After 14 years of feedback from selling our current resource on-line, we know the skills and content remain as relevant as ever. They just need a modern day make-over.

Having traveled extensively into developing countries, women everywhere have asked Green to make the skills available to them. CKT hopes that sales from the new and improved Edition #4 will enable our Trust to produce a simple visual-only resource that can be distributed to illiterate village women worldwide for self-learning.

“Green’s concern is that these skills will die with her. At 70 and having committed 45 years to achieving the goals families asked of her, Common Knowledge Trust is well aware that these valuable skills for giving birth might be lost to future generations if it cannot be modernized.

CKT needs $15,000 to initially fund this project. In order to generate this capital, Common Knowledge Trust has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at

Donations of any amount are welcome from $1 as a Constant Dribbler to $10,000 as a Benefactor. For a $25 contribution, backers will receive four of the 40 Pink Kit Method e-books in the present Edition #3. All donors will receive the new and improved Pink Kit Package when completed.

A $100 pledge is rewarded with five of the 40 Pink Kit Method e-books plus an audio CD. The complete Pink Kit Edition #3 package is available for $250. It includes a two-hour DVD, all 40 e-books and two audio CDs.

The Pink Kit Method deals with every type of birth situation because families wanted skills that worked no matter where, with whom they birthed or what was happening to or around them.

‘The skills in The Pink Kit were created equally by fathers and mothers,” Green said. “Pink Kit fathers learn how to engage, participate and help their birthing partner prepare for birth then cope, manage and work through the experience. Father-coached childbirth is a truly wonderful experience for all.”

For additional information, visit; the Birthing Better website,; or the Pink Kit Method Facebook page,

Green can be reached directly at

 Birthing Better with The Pink Kit Method®
Birthing Better with The Pink Kit Method®

We can all birth better.
We can all birth better.

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