Beloved Author Cady Elizabeth Arnold Releases Book II in Her Tapestry Series through Kickstarter

So many fans of heartwarming fantasy have fallen in love with the Tapestry series by Cady Elizabeth Arnold, that Cady is delighted to finally grace them with a sequel that expands on the themes in Tapestry: Strands of Yellow and Blue. Tapestry: Entwined by The Beast introduces new characters and thrilling situations, but it is still imbued with the delightful imagination and touching situations that have made Cady such a beloved writer among her countless fans.

Tapestry: Entwined by The Beast has a heroine who is abducted at a young age and raised in a terrifying situation.  She grows up in a highly religious environment which involves worshipping a god known as The Beast. The story is also dominated by the Crone who may be the force threatening the protagonist or she may merely be another pawn in an even more complex and shadowy game controlled by mysterious enemies.  Sir Tristam is the father of the heroine and searches desperately for her; will he find her in time?

Cady Elizabeth Arnold has long been a supporter of independent fundraising.  She has also made it a priority to give her fans a chance to obtain Tapestry: Entwined by The Beast before the rest of the public. Through her crowdfunding campaign, she is able to satisfy both of these objectives. Those who enjoyed her first book in the series will earn exclusive and early access to Tapestry: Entwined by The Beast by pledging their financial support. 

The funds secured through this campaign will also help publish book two, which is already written, edited and illustrated. In return for supporting this project, backers may receive perks like wallpapers, ebooks, art prints, paperback editions, shirts and bookmarks. To learn more about Tapestry: Entwined by The Beast or to make a pledge, please visit:

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