One-stop service for all network marketing preferred ONE TWO CULTURE MEDIA

Although it used to be said that “wine is not afraid of a deep alley, but in this fast-paced era, this approach has not been effective. In today’s all aspects of media services have become extremely important, in addition to mistakes, It may lead to the failure of the project.To solve this problem, one-stop media service has become a matter that people desperately need, and Sichuan one or two image culture Communication Co. (abbreviation: ONE TWO CULTURE  MEDIA) took the lead in this.

No matter what the industry’s propaganda, it is difficult to balance both media resources and precise planning. However, the propaganda effect is often influenced by the results. In the past, marketing companies were all professionally operating a certain area or a certain business. Therefore, all-round, one-stop business was provided to customers, and the needs of customers were changed to actual ones, so that each promotion became a reality. Meaning has become the pursuit of major companies. ONE TWO CULTURE  MEDIA, at that time, launched such a service.

ONE TWO CULTURE  MEDIA has integrated a well-known brand communication consultant team, covering press releases, character interviews, film and television shooting, outdoor large screens, etc., as well as the promotion of WeChat, Weibo and soft texts. As a marketing company that covers 10,000+ media resources, can accurately distribute information in minutes and seconds, utilizes big data to focus on the media, and is a permanent and effective marketing company, ONE TWO CULTURE  MEDIA can truly say what it takes for customers to think.

Jane Zhang, who has recently become a topical figure, has successfully launched an English album and entered the US market. Not only has it achieved extremely high results, but also because this album has successfully become Victoria’s secret first Asian performer. The promotion of this series of activities must be attributed to the promotion of ONE TWO CULTURE  MEDIA.

In addition, the promotion of Yu Bao’s “Open your balance treasure”, the promotion of the WBIM International Digital Awards of Wanda Group in Times Square in New York City, etc., are success stories of ONE TWO CULTURE  MEDIA. These cases are the embodiment of ONE TWO CULTURE  MEDIA’s strength.

In order to allow more customers to have the opportunity to experience such a one-stop service, ONE TWO CULTURE  MEDIA launched a new service package when the Dragon Boat Festival approached. Music has QQ music, Netease cloud music, cool dog, cool music and other platforms to promote the promotion and hit the list; promotion has more than 600 international media, overseas press releases; there are people interviews and crisis public relations and other businesses can for selection. The range of media ranges from 100 to 500, and large and small activities can be tried.

And overseas launches also have the latest activity. The Nasdaq Big Screen and Thomson Reuters screen at the intersection of Seventh Avenue and the 43rd Crossroads in New York City have launched new packages. 30s of pictures and video can be played one to four times, while 60s of video can be played up to 20 times. In order to guarantee the delivery quality, 3 HD pictures and 30s+ HD videos will be fed back within 3 to 5 working days.

On June 6th, it took another big move across the expressway and went straight out of the country to New York’s Times Square, where the world saw “Purple East”. In addition to the big-screen posters of the day, the long-legged ladies and sisters posing in front of the big screen in Times Square, the “China Purple” on their faces and the “Leap over 6” behind them formed a beautiful landscape and made people’s attention. With the increasing importance of professional media placement, the rise of one-stop companies such as ONE TWO CULTURE  MEDIA is both a market demand and an industry development direction. And their rise is bound to drive the new development of the media industry.

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