AICHAIN Is Going to Launch the Main net Wallet! To Guarantee Safety and Convenience of Transactions to the Greatest Extent!

EOS main net wallet has launched; official version of CoinSave coinage wallet has been launched; Bitkeep and XMX are going to launch the multiple wallet ecological shared equity, and O3 function of NEO wallet has been updated…

In recent days, as the project part has launched the main net, founded the bugs and conducted strategic cooperation, the topic of main net wallet has appeared in front of us for multiple times.

As we know, many tokens are derived and released based on Ethereum so the users can only complete the transactions, transfer and withdrawal by Ehterum wallet before each project the main net launches.

However, all will become different after the main net launches.

With AIT token of AICHAIN in blockchain + AI project as an example, after the AICHIAN launched the main net, the AIT-ERC20 tokens owned by the users previously can be mapped to the main network of AICHAIN by operation and then the genuine AIT main net token will be generated immediately.

Official wallet will not only provide convenience for the users but also enable the safety to be promoted as well. The official wallet can generate the exclusive private key for the users; the public key can be calculated from private key, and then the public key will generate the BitCoin address, which is a process completed base on the irreversible algorithm. Therefore, the users can share the wallet address at ease but not need to worry about their property safety.

According to information, recently, AICHAIN has also been conducting the internal test on conversion between AIT-ERC20 tokens and AIT main net token synchronously and has completed the test on the functions such as management, virtual mining machine and activity of application business token at the level of official wallet in addition to promoting the main net launching intensely.

At that time, in the official wallet of AICHAIN, in addition to conducting transactions and withdrawal of AIT main net currency, the users can also freely conduct the transactions related to the tokens developed by all the ecological partners based on the main net of AICHAIN.

In addition, the wallet of AICHAIN will also have the mining function; the users can conduct the mining operation after buying the mining machine, and the equity obtained will be AIT main net currency.

As AICHIAN launches the main net and the wallet, the transaction value of AIT will also be further promoted.

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