Tailored At-Home Workouts “Lead To Incredibly Functional And Strong Bodies”, Says The Makia Method

LAHTI, FINLAND – June 14th, 2018 – When it comes to custom and efficient workouts, The Makia Method has all the answers. The new fitness revolution originating from Finland offers “a guided path to essential strength and flexibility of the body” through its custom online video guided sessions which have been developed by sports experts. In Finland, the U.S., and many countries around the world, The Makia Method has been embraced by thousands of fitness enthusiasts, while its popularity is quickly spreading among those new to exercise, too.

“Carving time for exercising can be a challenge in our day and age, while many people have trouble finding the perfect fitness environment” said Mr. Jouni Martinmaki, The Makia Method media representative. “Our game-changing method provides personal training-quality sessions anytime, anywhere. Our clients see results in their physique, skill set, and confidence level in a relatively short time. The Makia Method is a proven way to getting stronger, healthier and leaner, and maintaining these results long-term.”

The Makia Method is the ultimate plan for professional athletes and beginners alike, while it can also be used as part of injury rehabilitation programs. Each program is tailor-made to address each participant’s needs, regardless of their starting level or end goals. It consists of an initial stage which aims to establish a participant’s fitness level; a well-rounded workout warm-up; challenging motion exercises, which include specific sets aiming to improve strength and mobilization, and, finally, static sessions, repeats, and rest periods.

Focusing on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), The Makia Method combines over 120 such exercises which promise to increase one’s stamina within mere minutes. With over 1400 instructional videos that illustrate bodyweight exercises, The Makia Method adjusts to meet participants’ development by tracking their workouts and providing them with feedback based on accumulated exercises.

Those interested in registering to The Makia Method service are encouraged to do so at the earliest time possible as the company is offering a limited offer that provides lifetime access to its program at the incredible price of $67. More information as well as a registration form can be found here.

To learn more about The Makia Method, please visit: www.methodmakia.com

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