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Hands down, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer is considered as the most popular and most iconic sunglasses the brand has ever made. Celebrities and famous personalities wear these sunglasses since it first came out in 1956 by optical designer Raymond Stegeman.

However, buying original Ray-Ban Wayfarers aren’t that practical these days. A lot of people nowadays does not want to sacrifice money just for the sake of copping an original Ray-Ban Wayfarers. These days, it’s all about practicality.

In terms of quality, yes, the original ones boast durability and longevity when used regularly but a lot of people notices that knockoffs and cheap Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses are not that far in terms of quality compared to the original ones.

That is why a lot of fashion experts discreetly recommends buying Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses that are cheap and it doesn’t matter if it’s a knockoff or replicas. In fact, almost all of the luxury and mid-level brands of sunglasses in the world are made by the same manufacturer based in Italy which is the Luxottica.

Aside from Ray-Ban it also manufactures other known brands.

Bottomline is, consumers are paying for the brand’s name and its prestige and not for the quality of its products. Many ophthalmologists according to a survey that luxury brands that boast ultra-violet rays and other innovative features of a sunglasses aren’t that expensive to manufacture.

In fact, it is pretty affordable to develop sunglasses that are both fashionables at the same time offers all the protective features that luxury brands offer.


For a regular consumer, a sunglasses that cost around $150-dollars is already considered impractical, how much more those that cost around a thousand bucks?

Ray Ban Wayfarer sale costs around $150 and above, but unfortunately, it is also the most common Ray Ban sunglasses that is rampantly copied which only costs less than $20-dollars. All consumers know that there are some quality traits that original Ray-Ban sunglasses have that knockoffs doesn’t have but recently a lot of these manufacturers that produce replicas and knockoffs are already leveling up the quality of its products to attract more people to shift from originals to knockoffs.


An online shopping site sells Rayban sells knock off Wayfarers for as low as $19.99 and for customers that want to buy more than just one pair of sunglasses, this website also offers a promo where a 15-percent will be slashed off if the customer buys more than two of these sunglasses. Imagine buying one pair that costs more than a hundred bucks, it is more practical than buying the originals, besides these knockoffs aren’t just replicas, it also boasts high-quality materials that are used to make one of it.

Aside from Ray-Ban, also has tons of high-quality Oakley knockoff sunglasses for lifestyle, sports and youth variants.

Its Ray-Ban sunglasses, on the other hand, has the most variants and models available for online shopping; this includes the Aviator, Clubmaster, Round, Justin, and Erika.

EASY PAYMENT TRANSACTION accepts major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express including debit cards as part of its current payment methods that is available worldwide which provides a secured and safe as well as a very convenient mode of payment that can be transacted within the website to ensure a safe and enjoyable online shopping for its customers.


Just like other online shopping sites, it will automatically be shipped within 48 hours and takes three to four business days before arriving right at your doorstep. The website also provides the customer a tracking number that will be sent through email which also includes the status of the order, the website also includes the contact information that is sent to the customer in the duration of the product’s shipping days. For offshore customers, the website requires them to purchase products over $59-dollars to avail of its free shipping fee.

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