June 14th, 2018 – Los Angeles, CA – Roland of Aragon is aware that the easiest way to retain information is to learn while having fun, especially with music. His webcomic company launches an innovative guitar education book called ILLEGAL ALIENS COMIC to assist beginners in learning  how to play the guitar.

The illegal aliens’ comic book is a forty-paged guitar education book that tells the story of two refugee siblings, Rita and Ren Clef. Through their story, readers will learn all the basic techniques, from how to sit and hold the guitar to actually playing songs using the guitar. In addition, the adventures of the two heroes will give valuable lessons about life, success, and the music industry. Early orders receive a 21 page “Follow Up Fun Guide” and 9 audio lesson tracks for FREE!

“I feel that learning to play the guitar has never been easier than now. With this guitar comic book, anyone from teenagers to adults, can learn how to play the guitar in a fun and quick way! This guitar educomic book was carefully written and designed to perfectly combine stunning illustrations and a compelling story with professional guitar instruction that will teach beginners everything from Basic Strumming, to the 4 Types of Musicians, the Guitar Tablature, Tuning the Guitar, how to create a first song, Guitar Biology, Sitting Position, Elbow Positioning, Hand Positioning and to Life Purpose.” CEO of Toon’s Tunes, Roland of Aragon said when interviewed about the guitar education book.

To learn more about Toon’s Tunes, Roland of Aragon, how to be a musician and entrepreneur, or to download  the guitar educomic please visit Toon’s Tunes website at

About Toon’s Tunes

Toon’s tunes is the first ever webcomic that teaches music. The company was started by Roland of Aragon who is a cartoonist, best-selling author, music educator, professional musician, songwriter and entrepreneur, based in Los Angeles, CA. Toon’s tunes has the mission to use webcomics and cartoons to educate and influence the next generation of musicians to become music entrepreneurs.

As a child, Roland always wanted to grow up and become a cartoonist and musician. When he ended up becoming a music educator and professional musician instead, He lost his passion for cartooning in his young adult years because he got bit by the music bug. One day, while teaching a young guitar student, he got frustrated with one of the music method books, because the material was lacking in certain areas and because he felt music method books are just instructional manuals, lacking stories. So he decided to create a story or better still, a comic with embedded music lessons. Now with both passions combined, Toon’s Tunes was birth.

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