Authentic Jordans Air Started Selling Air Jordan 11 Online for Fans Who Want a Touch of Class

Authentic Jordans Air, an online store selling all sorts of Air Jordan shoes, recently unveiled their latest offer, Air Jordan 11, which can be now bought online.

Authentic Jordans Air, an online store which has been known as a bargain bin for Air Jordan fans, recently announced that they have already started selling Air Jordan 11 online for the fans who want a touch of class. The iconic shoes that owe their name to one of the greatest living legends of basketball, Michael Jordan, can now be bought online directly through the website of Authentic Jordans Air. The owners of the store said that the introductory price is significantly less than the actual retail price.

“Michael Jordan – the king is back. When we say Jordan, we actually mean the footwear product named after the legend. The Air Jordan 11 shoes are the shoes that lent a subtle touch of class and elegance to MJ’s return to the court in 1998. The patented leather shine of the shoe is an extraordinary example of how aerodynamics plays a role in manufacturing of premium footwear products. The Air Jordan 11 is a favorite of many sportspeople around the world and it also appeared in an animated live action comedy in 1996 – Space Jam”, said one of the sales executives of Authentic Jordans Air.

“We are happy to announce that the iconic shoe is now available on our store, along with all the other Air Jordans that we have been selling through all these years. We will now sell the iconic Air Jordans XI at a special discounted price, although for a limited period only. Buyers who have relevant coupon codes and promo codes can enjoy greater discounts on this specific product and all other products as well”, added the executive.

The owner and managing director of the e-store said that their aim is to supply Air Jordan authentic shoes at marked down prices. “Since our procurement team sources the footwear products directly from the authorized factories in China, we are able to offer almost factory-direct prices on all of the products. These footwear products are manufactured in Nike’s authorized manufacturing facilities and we source and offer the products at prices that many high-street fashion shops cannot offer”, he told at a press conference.

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Authentic Jordans Air is a reputed online store selling Air Jordan shoes.

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