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What is the value of the block chain to the game?

Ownership and liquidity of game assets: on a block chain, players can have assets within the game, and these assets have a broader liquidity. The integration, props, weapons, and roles in the traditional games are always all attributed to the game makers, so the central developers have greater power to make bold changes to these assets and even dispose of them at will. These assets in the game are often limited to the internal circulation of this game. Outside the game, it seems that there is no reusable value, and it is difficult to be given the application scene again from the technical level.


In the block chain logic, once the integral, props, weapons, and roles in the game are completely assigned to the player’s block chain address, the player has ownership of the address and the assets under the block chain. Malaysia Chie Player has designed several application scenarios.

1. Assets are traded anytime and anywhere: a large number of games do not have the function of the prop trading. Of course, this design is designed to avoid the chaos of the economic mechanism in the game, prolong the user’s game time, and increase the income of the developers. Assuming that the above is not a problem that developers are worried about, then the “prop chain + Mobile Wallet” can achieve two users online and offline anytime, anywhere. When you have dinner with your friends, you talk to the nearest PC – side game, open your mobile wallet and see what kind of weapons you have. The experience of completing a transaction is just as simple as a WeChat scavenging payment, returning home at night, opening the PC login game, and the transaction finished has long been in your equipment column.

More open, the transaction is not necessarily limited to a game, and a user can exchange one of the best sword in the game A for a dragon knife in the game B, as long as the user agrees on the value of the exchange. The transaction is not necessarily limited to a single item, even providing an account package in the future, packaging all the assets of a game into one Token, trading it to another player at one time, and unpacking the Token into a specific game asset.

2. Game asset reuse: after the chain of assets hangs on each player’s address, it is easy to reuse the assets of other games for the developer to reuse or reuse the game for two times.

For a game under the same ecology or IP, asset reuse is the easiest, for example, you have a number of roles in the dream of the wizard. In the next game with IP, the developer can naturally allow the player to import the role assets that they have before.

For a cross – IP cross – game scenario, asset reuse requires complex design and developer collaboration, such as the city you built in my world, can you appear in a game like World of Warcraft? Can it be imported directly into a game open to the world?

3. New way of user acquisition: under traditional games, new games often need to regain users, or use old games to guide new games. The block chain can break this way and reduce the cost of the guest, such as the above CryptoCuddles, and all the users of the encrypted cat are potentially directly converted gamers. If the direct reuse assets involve the IP problem, the developer can also design this. As long as the cat has the cat with the cat, it can directly obtain a certain reward in the game. It can be the role, the treasure box, the prop and so on. The verification method only needs to read the data on the chain with the address directory.

As a result, a new game online can be used to drain the users of the existing bursting game, which is not actually a fork in a confectionery or a new token. Use ETH or EOS, which has the largest number of currencies, to drop the token to 1:1, thus obtaining users at a very low cost.

The relationship between the game developer and the player

Most of the time, game players and developers often stand on the opposite side, one wants to find the imbalance of the game to earn the popularity of the game and get the pleasure of the game, the other side by modifying the game mechanism to adjust the parameters to wash the user again and again to extract the value of the user.

The block chain changes the relationship of production. In the game, the relationship between developers and players will change in essence. Traditional games run on centralization servers, developers specify rules, and players try to break rules. What if the game runs on multiple nodes and some nodes run by the players and give certain incentives?

Developers and game players may form a community, a consensus. When part of the node is delivered to the KOL in the game, part of the benefit of the game manufacturer will be consistent with the interests of the game community. The loyal player will spontaneously maintain the balance of the game, help the developer to obtain the user, prolong the life cycle of the game, and build the whole community.

The relative transparency of the game mechanism

This is not difficult to understand. When the core of the game is on the chain, players can look at the game rules that used to be hidden in the centralization server, which creates a stronger bond of trust between the developers and the players.

In the transparent logic of the game mechanism, players can clearly know and believe the probability of a treasure box, a rare weapon is not really rare, the developer promises whether real cash. In the case of traditional game source code black box, these can be adjusted by the operator of the game. “Full service” is likely to fall off the altar in the next version of the game, which is more common in traditional games. But in the world of block chaining games, this is not the case.

A fair and just mechanism, and a game update that is reached by the community, brings a more pure experience to the players.

The most important point

That’s the point we haven’t found yet. At this moment there is a company in Malaysia: Chief Player is creating an excellent idea that will redefine the concept of block chain + games. Once this idea is fully realized, I think that everyone’s ideas will be triggered immediately, which may be the turning point of the next block chain game.

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