New Businesses Save Money by Outsourcing CFOs

Des Moines, Iowa – There comes a time in every small business’s life when it must make a decision. This decision does not entail buying a new space or going public. In fact, the decision is bringing on a Chief Financial Officer, or CFO. It’s a decision that, although important, can be confusing. It can be especially so if a company is not familiar with CFOs.

Many companies do not hire a CFO because they believe that the cost is too much. They normally already have a bookkeeper, or a designated accountant. Bringing on another can seem derivative. This is especially true if the owners believe they can do the accounting themselves. What many businesses don’t realize is they could be losing money by not having a CFO. They have the experience to see lapses in profit and to sow the seeds for future revenue. This experience allows the CFO to offer financial advice that can save the company money. This is the main benefit of hiring one. While a bookkeeper will take care of the present, a CFO can lead the company into the future.

Still, many companies cannot find the funds to bring in a CFO. Starting a new business is difficult and costs tend to add up. Hiring a new employee can be expensive. When one factors in the cost of training, the price of a CFO adds up quickly. This is why many new companies are outsourcing their CFOs through accounting companies, such as CustomOne CFO & Controllers. These companies offer in-depth financial advice on a part-time basis. They also match the business with a qualified accountant. In this scenario, the company receives much needed counseling and avoids the high cost of hiring a full-time CFO.

When it comes to finding a CFO, customizability is key. Not every financial officer is going to work well in a corporation. This is due to disparities in technology, flexibility, workloads, etc. Luckily, a small business has the option of outsourcing the heavy lifting of hiring to firms such as Accounting Firms Des Moines. These accounting firms don’t follow a one size fits all mentality. They know that every business is different and needs personal attention. Here the firm can accurately gauge the needs of the company and assign the person (or persons) that they believe will help the company excel.

Hiring a CFO can seem daunting to a small business. Through the help of accounting firms, companies can rest assured that their financial future is secure.

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