India For Sports Launches Non-profit Platform to Assist Under-resourced Indian Athletes

Despite being the second most populous nation in the world and one of the most important economies, the great country of India often fails to support many of its most promising athletes. Even the most talented athletes may fail to fulfill their potential because of a lack of personal or community resources. Some of these athletes may lack basic equipment like shoes, or suffer from an improper diet. A new organization, India For Sports, has launched a new program that identifies these future athletic superstars and helps deliver funds, coaching and equipment to help them.

India For Sports is a non-profit organization operated by volunteers who are eager to match donors with athletes. These dedicated professionals earnestly believe in the immense potential of India’s young athletes and are working tirelessly to secure all the help they need to succeed. In addition to fundraising, India For Sports also is working towards raising the profile of young athletes through marketing and news stories. India For Sports is also working with athletes to improve mental conditioning, by introducing them to seasoned sports consultants and trainers.

While India For Sports has already raised $9,000, this group requires another $12,000 to complete the next phase of development. To raise these funds which will be used for website development, promotions, and athlete recruitment, India For Sports has sponsored a campaign on Indiegogo. In return for financially supporting this historic project, backers may receive perks like signed photos, notes from sponsored athletes, personal video thank yous, or memorialization on the India For Sports website.  To learn more about India For Sports, or to make a pledge, please visit

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