In high demand, Nikolay Lebedev’s flight disaster film, ‘THE CREW’ is finally taking off in the US this summer on June 25th.

Los Angeles, CA – June 19, 2018 – Departing as Russia’s #1 film, seven-time winner, ‘THE CREW’ is arriving to the U.S. this summer exclusively by TriCoast Entertainment.

Disaster-genre films have always had a special impact on human audiences, dating back to John Williamson’s 1901 ‘Fire’. Such films translate society’s specific current and future fears of the often-chaotic political turmoil and the inevitable battle with the unforeseen wrath of Mother Nature and her natural disasters.

Hollywood copes with such anxieties and fears by showcasing end-of-the-world disasters, with smarter-than-life robots or blood-eating zombies because it just skims the human heart, as we might spend only one night tossing and turning about the possibility of the subject’s deathly occurrence. “There’s an argument to be made that Hollywood should strive to be more eco-realistic. More so than finger-wagging documentaries, blockbusters reach the masses and, in theory, can casually compel uninvested people to take action,” reported Thrillist’s Tina Hassannia.

Rather than addressing today’s current affairs through an imaginative yet “worse” world, TriCoast Entertainment is revolutionizing Hollywood’s disaster-genre movies with award-winning director-writer Nikolay Lebedev’s ‘THE CREW’, an action-packed disaster blockbuster that accurately depicts today’s world, its current fears, and just how catastrophic Mother Nature can be – specifically, the longtime natural disaster of island’s sudden volcanic eruptions. A story of a flight crew, crew commander, Leonid Zinchenko (Vladimir Mashkov) and co-pilots Alexey Gushchin (Danila Kozlovsky) and Alexandra (Agne Grudyte), are suddenly alerted to embark overseas to attempt a deathly, yet incredibly selfless rescue mission to save the island’s inhabitants from the fatal, scorching lava and now-demolished lives.

“Residents stranded with no power and water are cut off by lava in Hawaii,” headlined CNN’s Scott McLean and Amir Vera, following up on the recent eruption of Mount Kilauea on the Big Island, which has forced over 2,000 residents to evacuate. 

‘THE CREW’ is a disaster film, but it is also humanistic by capturing events that have plagued civilizations for ages, specifically today. Lebedev’s film showcases how a flight crew that doesn’t always meet eye-to eye but put their differences aside, as pilots take an obligatory vow to keep people safe. By utilizing current day news, events, and sentiments that several civilians have experienced first-hand, raising environmental concerns and forms an emerging mode of communication in society, which has the potential of impacting the public in positive ways by opening eyes’ that are shut and generating inspirational, communal, and even worldwide supportive action to combat the natural disaster.

‘THE CREW’ has been Russia’s third top-grossing movie overall, Russia’s best-performing homegrown film of 2016, and was prestigiously awarded with seven awards at the 2017 APKIT Awards. Long in demand to screen in the US, TriCoast Entertainment is thrilled to finally bring ‘THE CREW’ overseas this summer to release on VOD platforms June 25th. Watch the trailer here:

‘THE CREW’ creates an authentic, award winning cast, including Russian natives, Danila Kozlovsky (‘Vampire Academy, ‘Legend No. 17’), Vladimir Mashkov (‘Mission: Impossible’, ‘Daddy’), Agne Grudyte (‘Nyukhach’, ‘Single Valentine’), Sergey Gazarov (‘Revizor’, ‘12’), Katerina Shiptsa (‘Metro’, ‘Project’, ‘Gemini’), Sergey Shakurov (‘Brezhnev’, ‘Velikaya’) and Sergey Romanovich (‘Pitch’). For press inquires, please contact

THE CREW (2018, 101 min.) Directed by Nikolay Lebedev. Editor: Aleksey Bobrov. Cinematography: Irek Hartowicz. Original Music: Artem Vassiliev. Russia, Cambodia, French, Russian, English. Three T Productions, Vserossiyskaya Gosudarstvennaya Televizionnaya i Radioveshchatelnaya Kompaniya (VGTRK), Central Partnership, TriCoast Entertainment.

Production companies: Three T Productions, Vserossiyskaya Gosudarstvennaya Televizionnaya i Radioveshchatelnaya Kompaniya (VGTRK).

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